On Leadership and the Baby Formula Shortage – Opinion

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Saturday, May 14th. You can also hear the audio below.

So this week’s hot topic has been the baby formula shortage. After Abbott Nutrition (which accounts for approximately 40 percent of the market), issued a recall on February 2, we first began to hear whispers about this. A couple of weeks ago, an astute listener called into this station (NewsTalkSTL) to relate that his son had just encountered a woman at Wal-Mart who’d driven Distance: 78 miTo find the right baby formula for her child.

The Biden admInistration’s response has been less than reassuring, first shrugging as to who the point person is on the issue, then pointing the finger at consumers for hoarding while simultaneously shipping pallets of formula to the border for use in immigrant holding centers.

Now – don’t get me wrong – people in US custody need to be fed, most especially their children and babies. Setting aside the fact that there wouldn’t be nearly so many people inEven if the government tried to enforce the border with some success, those centers would still be holding.

There are many forces out of our control, even for the most powerful leaders. But leadership involves stepping up and taking responsibility – and letting the American public Please see you’re focused on fixing the ProblemNot just fixing the blame.


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