On FNC, Fleischer Calls Out Biden for Hiding From the Media

At the end of FNC’s Special ReportTuesday at the Tomorrow’s HeadlinesAri Fleischer, the former White House Press Secretary, blasted President Biden for not sitting down with journalists for interviews and failing to perform as well as his predecessors.



It is possible to predict what the headline of a news story will read. “Biden continues to avoid questions from the media,”Fleischer used statistics provided by Mark Knoller, a veteran White House journalist: “He’s only done nine sitdown interviews at this point in his presidency compared to 50 for Donald Trump, 113 for Barack Obama at the same point in their presidencies.”

Baier quipped: “We continue to ask every week.”

Knoller compiled those numbers back in August, after Biden sat down for only his ninth interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to discuss the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.



While Fox News continues to “ask every week” for an opportunity ask the President questions, where are the demands from the rest of the media that Biden come out of hiding and stand up to scrutiny?

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