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The Joe Biden “build back better” plan is spitting and sputtering along. One day after Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, declared that the administration planned to use the pandemic as a catalyst for fundamentally changing the economy’s direction, another sign of that is available.

They are frightening middle-class Americans across the country with their latest inflation numbers.

We aren’t just talking about inflation on marginal items either that people may not use every day such as rental cars. The pace of price increases on items such as food, fuel, and retail goods continues to increase, with September showing an even faster rate than August.

This is a disaster for the Biden administration, which has been spinning over the last week a narrative that the president’s approval is rebounding. But news such as this will likely push those numbers even further into red. Jill Biden claims that the problem is just messaging, however it is clear there are problems with the results. Biden’s economy is failing, and people do not like how that’s affecting their everyday lives.

Anecdotally, gas prices rose 21 cents overnight in my area, going from $2.78 a gallon to $2.99 a gallon at the same station, and that’s actually cheap comparatively. This is happening all across the country, as tightening continues. People are witnessing their savings and investments decrease as the economy enters a new period that is reminiscent of the 1970s. The stock market chart over the past week looks like a ski slope with black diamonds. So yeah, things aren’t going well.

If we had a president with some mental ability and common sense, all of these problems could be avoided. Joe Biden has been trying to cripple the economy and the energy sector as a whole all along. He has put an end to an economy that was moving at a rapid pace without any interference through his self-aggrandizing and partisan moves.

Worse yet, none of these changes seem to be permanent or temporary. As I noted, September’s inflation actually represented an acceleration over August. That means we haven’t even peaked yet. Hard times are ahead, and I feel for the families barely making it by that are paying a heavy price so a senile old man can pretend he’s a transformational figure.

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