Ohio Dems Reveal Just How Toxic Joe Biden Is – Opinion

If we didn’t already know that Joe Biden was in a lot of trouble from the polls which have him going ever lower into the basement, and the Democrats who are decimating him behind the scenes to media as “rudderless, aimless and hopeless,” we would know it from how Democratic politicians are treating him like he’s toxic.

Biden traveled to Ohio on Wednesday in support of Democratic candidates. But what made it especially funny and pretty sad was that while Joe was there for them, two of the people he was stumping for blew him off completely and didn’t appear with him. The two people — Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), once touted as a Democratic replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is running for the Senate (against Trump-endorsed Republican nominee J.D. Vance), and Nan Whaley (Democratic candidate for governor).

According to Townhall, they both claimed that they had “unavoidable scheduling conflicts.”

“Unavoidable scheduling conflicts” means “I wouldn’t be caught dead next to that landmine Joe Biden.” As Townhall notes, both the Senate and the gubernatorial races are “leaning” or “likely” Republican. The Democratic candidates will need to be as effective as possible if they are to win. This means not being around the dead-weight and unpopular Biden, who is likely to gaffe while he’s trying to endorse you.

This trick was pulled by Stacey Abrams when Biden visited Georgia in January to discuss voting rights. Biden’s numbers weren’t even as low as they are now, but she, unfortunately, had a “scheduling conflict” that couldn’t be changed, even if he was talking about the main issue that she focuses on in her state.

The two candidates may be considering what happened to the guy who threw caution to the wind and had Biden come out for him when he was running for governor of Virginia — Terry McAuliffe. That didn’t end well for him or the Democrats, with Republicans sweeping the day across the board in Virginia in the election last November, including the governor’s seat.

Their reticence in being near Biden may also have something to do the Civiqs Poll showing Biden’s approval at Ohio just 26%, which is worse than his national average.

However, you can see why they chose to avoid Biden after you hear Karine Jean-Pierre (White House Press Secretary) try to discuss the two candidates.

How close is your “contact” with the candidates when you don’t even know the correct name of one of them? I’m thinking maybe it’s not that close. It’s things like this that make even Democrats think the White House and Biden are a mess.

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