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Can you spell “soft bigotry of low expectations”?

The never-ending battle over New York City’s advanced school programs continues. In June, the top NYC school stopped plans to eliminate accelerated mathematics classes after parents protested. Despite years of discussion, officials from the city announced on Thursday that they would eliminate the advanced program. Four-year-olds in kindergarten before entering kindergarten claiming the program “further segregates students.”

Officials from the city claim that all kindergarteners will be able to take advantage of the program.

As reported by ABC7 in NYC, hapless Mayor Bill de Blasio claims the replacement program, named Brilliant NYC, will provide an “equitable model” designed to allow all children to “reach their full potential” — by doing away with a test given to four-year-olds to identify “gifted and talented” students, and instead will implement an accelerated instructional model in the Fall of 2022 that will serve all approximately 65,000 NYC kindergartners, according to the Department of Education. Uh-huh. “Brilliant” indeed, Big Bird.

“Brilliant NYC” will eliminate the highly selective high stakes test that critics claim unfairly favors white and American Asian children, as well as families with means. It had previously admitted approximately 2,500 kindergarteners per year and received 15,000 applications.

Wait — so eliminating the standard will help children of color how? Never mind — rhetorical question.

Are you confused? I am, too. Here’s more brilliance from the ever-“brilliant” mayor, as transcribed by ABC7:

“The era of judging 4-year-olds based on a single test is over. Brilliant NYC offers accelerated instruction to thousands rather than a few select children.

“Every New York City child deserves to reach their full potential, and this new, equitable model gives them that chance.”

Got it, Big Bird. Eliminating the “gifted and talented” bar will help kids who are incapable of achieving the “racist” bar which in turn denies them the opportunity to achieve their “full potential.”

It makes complete sense. [rolling-eyes emoji]

Equally-“brilliant” Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter announced the future of the program, rationalizing:

“As a life-long educator, I know every child in New York City has talents that go far beyond what a single test can capture and the Brilliant NYC plan will uncover their strengths so they can succeed.

“I’m excited to get into neighborhoods across the city to hear directly from communities about the types of learning opportunities that pique students’ interests and lets their gifts shine.”

Students identified as “brilliant” will be mixed with all other students in the classroom, and 4,000 teachers will be retrained to “teach” them together, according to ABC7. “We’re going to be ending something that I think was a mistake all along,” de Blasio said.

“We’re going to reach tens of thousands more kids with accelerated learning.”

Big Bird, it’s certain you are.

As noted by ABC7, Asian and white students make up about 25 percent of the overall student population of NYC, yet they account for 75 percent of students deemed “gifted and talented” in the city. Clearly “racist,” right? This is absurd. “Brilliant” people of all ages in every walk and stage of life comprise a disproportionately small percentage of the population. They will always be there.

Combining “brilliant” four-year-olds with non-“brilliant” four-year-old will not only It does not work the latter become “more brilliant,” it will hinder the growth of the former. But isn’t that part of the objective?

This nonsense is simply the latest example of the insanity metastasizing in America’s education systems.

As I reported in February, Boston Public Schools announced that a program with advanced learning classes for high-performing students was being canceled over concerns that the advanced classes serve “disproportionate racial groups.” The program was designed for high-performing students in grades four through six.

Alex Parker from RedState reported January that Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Fairfax, Virginia) has ended merit-based school admissions. The board argued that high test performance was a “barrier” to black and Hispanic students.

According to The Heartland Institute of RedState, the wingnut Oregon governor was also reported in August. Kate Brown “brilliantly” abolished statewide math, reading, and writing proficiency standards for high school graduates. Could someone explain? This ridiclous nonsense helps Who is it?It is not.

That is, intellectually and rationally.

And yet, there is moreIt isWhat is rational about Leftism

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