Explaining Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers, CNN Ignores His Afghanistan Fiasco 

The disastrous withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan by Biden is one thing Democrats want voters to forget. 13 US servicemen were killed. Untold amounts of Americans remain behind. Taliban quickly took control of the country.

CNN played its part in advancing Afghanistan amnesia. This is a Neue Day Segment with Harry Enten, poll maven on Biden’s poor poll numbers. The Afghan elephant in the space was not acknowledged. John Berman was the co-host and suggested the possible explanation that Americans feel less optimistic about fighting COVID because of the variant in delta coronavirus.

It would be similar to trying to explain Nixon’s low approval rating in 1974 by explaining Biden’s plunge in polling without including his Afghanistan fiasco. . .  Watergate was not mentioned. CNN failed to mention Watergate and omitted Afghanistan. CNN focused exclusively on the delta version, shifting blame away from Biden. 

CNN did not cover Biden’s Afghanistan scandal, but the tone was nonetheless very downbeat. Berman opened it by stating that Biden’s poll results, They are “not good,” to use a technical expression. He was jokingly saying that they were actually quite bad.Enten quickly echoed this sentiment. Berman declared Biden’s number. Clearly underwaterEnten described an even worse outcome: the dramatic plunge in Biden’s approval rating among independents. “A very negative sign.”

So give CNN some credit—at least in contrast with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. Yesterday’s broadcast was a success, as we pointed out. Morning JoeMika dismissed Biden’s historic decline in approval to 38% according to the Quinnipiac survey, calling it “merely”. “A little bit of success.” Right— we might find out it’s a “bit of a hit” like the TitanicTaken from the iceberg.

CNN attempts to explain Biden’s approval-rating drop without mentioning that his Afghanistan fiasco, sponsored by SoFi and ServPro Sandals.

You can find the transcription here.

Neue Day
6:39 am EDT

JOHNBERMAN To use a technical term, President Biden’s poll numbers were not very good [Harry Enten can be heard laughing.]They are also troubling for Democrats. CNN is now joining me. Senior data reporter, Harry Enten. The numbers tell the story. 

HARRY ENTEN: The stories they tell are very clear. You can see the whole story here. It is not good to use technical terminology.This is Joe Biden’s trend in job approval rating. You can see the August 1st graph: the approval rating is 51 while the disapproval score was 43. This was an eight-to-one net. Look at the next thing. September 1: The net, minus 2; the disapproval is higher than the approval. Now we are at minus five. So essentiallyNot the right direction. This is not good. 

BERMAN It is clear underwaterAt this point.

. . 

ENTEN – Take a look at what he has done among independents. He is now down 19 points. On August 1, he was at +3. His net approval rating among independents is now ITAL minus 16. This is what drives the middle of the electorate. 

. . 

What do you see? You see that among independents—look at that—you see that Joe Biden won by 13 points. Hillary Clinton lost four of these people. This was a Massive It is time to make a change. 17.-point progress toward Joe Biden. These voters were the ones who won him the election. Now, that It is very concerning that he has been spotted with the group, which can be a sign of serious trouble. 

BERMAN: How are they seeing and not seeing? 

ENTEN : What has Biden achieved in office thus far? Take a look at the late April results. 51%, which is not a large majority but still significant, stated that Biden had accomplished great or fair work. Look at what happened in August. Take a look at these. It’s now down to 40% The overwhelming majority of voters say, “Look at this.” 58% believe he’s done little to nothing. According to them, Joe Biden is not a man who has achieved a lot. They are. 

BERMAN In late August, People may not feel as positive about delta. This could be the reason.

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