NYC Cop Is Shot With an Illegal Weapon and the Shooter Walks. NYC Mayor Eric Adams Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, He Has a Sanity Problem – Opinion

On Friday morning, crowds gathered outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City to pay their last respects to NYPD officer Jason Rivera.

Rivera was 22 years old and Wilbert, 27, his 27-year-old partner, entered Harlem apartments to investigate a report of domestic disturbances by a mother in conflict. Rivera and Mora met 47-year old career felon LaShawn McNEIL, who looked like he was ready for a fight. Rivera succumbed at the scene. Mora survived and was on life-support through Tuesday. His funeral Mass will be held at St. Patrick’s next week. McNeil, who was fatally wounded by an officer on the spot, was confronted.

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City is a former police captain. We could expect just a little anger from Adams over an unjust system that protects criminals 24-7 and makes police officers targets. Adams was not the person we expected, but most people had lower expectations. We weren’t disappointed.

The leftwing stereotypes that blame inanimate objects (that would be guns) for the events were immediately used by him. He demanded that New York City’s feds do something to eliminate illegal firearms. This was Bill de Blasio’s hallmark.

As Rivera’s young wife was preparing to lay her husband to rest, another drama was playing out in a Brooklyn courtroom.

A 16-year-old, up-and-coming rapper charged with shooting an NYPD cop in the Bronx walked free on bond Thursday — and cops are fuming over it.

Camrin Williams also goes by the rap name C Blu and posted his bond of $250,000 after he was taken into custody at Brooklyn’s juvenile facility for gun and assault charges. He is accused in Belmont, 27-year-old, police officer.

“C Blu” was already on probation for one weapons violation from 2020. He fought with an officer and was then shot with another illegal weapon. Fear not:

Williams reportedly planned to use an advance on his contract with Interscope Records to post the $15,000 in cash needed to secure the bond.

To summarize the story, we have a kid who has been arrested twice with illegal handguns and shot a cop, and he’s free on bond.

Unfortunately, the “C Blu” story is not a unique event. In this instance, Denis Boyle, the judge was obsessed by springing felons and allowing them to return to crime. I’ll be quoting liberally from a November 2021 NY Post story titled Judge Denis Boyle’s leniency may have cost New Yorkers’ lives.

Recent evidence was Darryl Burnett, 17, being held with a loaded handgun of.38 caliber. Boyle had lowered his bail to allow him to terrorize New Yorkers last summer, after he snagged the teenager. Attempted murder. Boyle cut the bail from $100,000 cash Or a $200,000 bond to just $50,000 cash or bond.

Cops now say Burnett was caught with a loaded firearm. That arrest might’ve saved lives — but if not for Boyle, he might not have been out on the streets in the first place.

…In May, he sprung reputed gang member Steven Mendez, granting him probation for participating in an armed robbery and shooting last year; prosecutors had asked for up to four years in prison. Mendez is now accused of killing college student Saikou Koma, 21, last month.

In June, Boyle shaved bail — from $75,000 to just $10,000 — for another reputed gangbanger, Alberto Ramirez, who quickly hit the streets and, cops say, killed a 34-year-old father of two

I’m sure Boyle is a nice guy who loves him some puppies and children…though not in a Lincoln Project kind of way. But to look at what he’s doing with violent felons as anything but being an accomplice in their crimes is just wrong.

I’m sure Boyle is not alone. I would bet good money that if one went looking, one would find dozens, at least, of judges who are much more interested in playing “white savior” to the underclasses than they are in protecting law-abiding New Yorkers from armed sociopaths who have developed a taste for blood.

Mayor Adams doesn’t have a gun problem. He also has a mental problem. Nothing he does to “get guns off the street” will work if he doesn’t take steps to ensure the people caught carrying those guns do hard time. Guns don’t just “get on the street,” they require a partner, known in most big-city police forces as “a criminal,” to carry them about and use them in “crimes.” Adams may not have the political authority to remove judges like Boyle and prosecutors like Alvin Bragg. Still, he has the media profile and the political capital to name-and-shame them so they can’t happily go about their hobby without anyone noticing. To do that, Adams must ally himself with the people of New York City and not with the progressive elites who have turned a fabulous city into a Third World sh**hole. It will be brave and risky to do so. Adams’ ability to do more than play the victim and be a lapdog in situations where he is an important perpetrator remains unknown.

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