CRAZY VIDEO: Suspect Shoots Himself During Attempted Robbery on Texas Freeway

A Texas highway robbery went horribly wrong. The perpetrator shot himself in the head trying to rob another driver.

We kid you not. This story is just as crazy as it sounds. 

Houston news outlets reported on a dramatizing story concerning attempted robbery of the Katy Freeway, near Hedwig Village in Texas on January 26. 

According to eyewitness accounts and a harrowing eyewitness video provided to the news station, the suspect – later identified as Carlos Marquez – abruptly stopped his vehicle in the middle of the freeway, blocking two cars directly behind him, got out and started yelling at the drivers behind him.

One anonymous witness expressed his shock at the unbelievable scene, telling local news station KHOU 11, “It was crazy. No one could believe it.I mean, who gets out on the middle of I-10 during rush hour?”

“Cars were zooming by him literally and he’s just yelling at some guy,” he added. 

The witness fled the roadway, but returned a few minutes later to confront a more alarming scene that involved the suspect as well as the driver of the vehicle he was blocking. 

Marquez pulled out a gun to point at Marquez as the pair were standing on the roadside. The eyewitness’ video – taken from inside his vehicle as he drove by the scene – depicts Marquez pointing his gun at the victim who was kneeling down on the side of the road.

The witness’ video also showed Marquez shooting at the victim at least twice. An anonymous witness tried to dial 911, but was unsuccessful. Shortly after seeing the incident, he took the video to the nearest police station.

A local NBC affiliate reported eyewitness accounts which revealed there was even more horror and drama to the scene. After the second shot, witnesses say the victim fought back, prompting  Marquez to shoot again.

“The suspect fired a third shot, which caused injury to his own head,” the station reported. You can’t make this stuff up. 

Other witnesses ran to the aid of the victim when the suspect was shot and engaged in a brawl with the criminal. The other witnesses subdued him until the cops arrested him.

He was eventually identified by hospital staff after being taken to hospital with self-inflicted wounds from gunshots. It turns out Marquez was “on bond from Donley County, Texas for aggravated assault on a peace officer and evading arrest,” the NBC affiliate reported. He also had his weapon stolen from Houston. 

Marquez is charged with aggravated theft with deadly weapons

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