NY Times Snobs: Canada Protest ‘Conspiracy Theories…Barely Bridled Rage’

The New York Times continues to smear the Canadian trucker protest against vaccine mandates as crazed angry haters, treatment that is nearly 180 degrees from the sympathetic tone it took with Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests turned riots fueled by George Floyd’s killing at the hands of police in the summer of 2020.

The latest example appeared in Wednesday’s New York Times, with Sarah Maslin Nir and Natalie Kitroeff reporting on “The Group Trying to Steer Ottawa’s Restive Protesters.”

Protests of right-leaning tendencies are often described as being well-organized, conspiratorial and not organic.

….High above the clot of trucks on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, in hotel rooms just out of the fray, are the war rooms behind the operation. A team of right-wing and military-related leaders have created a highly organized and disciplined occupation from them.

The Times ever simply neutrally broadcast conservative views that BLM was a dangerous threat” to overthrow the government?

Canadian officials who are not authorized to instruct the police on how they should operate have grown increasingly disillusioned with the occupation, and view the coordination as nothing more than a demonstration. However, it can pose a danger to your health..

“What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government,” Marco Mendicino, the public safety minister, said in remarks on Tuesday. “Through whatever means they may wish to use.”


Peter Sloly, police chief, quit the job one day after Trudeau made the unusual step of declaring an emergency in the national public. This would have allowed more aggressive policing to be implemented across the country. His invocation of the Emergencies Act also took aim at both protester fund-raising, which has been deemed a criminal activity, and the demonstrators’ personal and business bank accounts.

One paragraph that was the most biased depicted everyone attending the protest as an insane wacko.

This new order could bring down a group who is trying hard to maintain credibility. The underpinnings of the group — a mix of conspiracy theories, counterfactual beliefs systems and rage that is barely contained in their mission — often erupt from beneath the veneer.

Great detail on the coughing.

On Monday there was a Sheraton Ottawa Hotel news conference that opened its doors to all media. It featured conservative news outlets as well. Each maskless supporter is constantly coughing..

When bringing up another detail of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian response to the protests, the reporters seemed more concerned about how the protesters were operating with “impunity.”

The protesters’ coordinated responses seek to outfox law enforcement. After the police threatened to arrest people refueling the trucks last week, demonstrators filled red and yellow jerrycans with water to provide cover to those who were in fact supplying gasoline.

Protesters now seem to live in relative impunityA phalanx of volunteers pull garden carts with half-dozen gas cans 20-liters every few hours to fill up drivers.

This attitude of aggrieved contempt towards the protesters against vaccines is the complete opposite of how the BLM protesters were treated in 2020.

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