GOP Guest Wipes The Floor With CNN Libs Over Biden’s Russian Weakness

On CNN’s State of the UnionSaturday’s discussion was about the tensions between Russia & Ukraine. CNN contributor Scott Jennings, a former Bush administration adviser, taught Dana Bash (and her fellow leftist panelists) on Russian sanctions. 

At the beginning of the segment, Bash turned to Jennings and lectured him on the GOP’s stance on Russia. “you have a Republican Party which historically, largely, almost entirely has been about pushing back on Russian aggression” Bash observed before turning around and trashing the GOP. “And now you have some pretty loud voices in the GOP, Scott Jennings, from Fox News to Capitol Hill, questioning why the U.S. even cares about this, whether there’s even an interest there?”



Jennings set the record straight “I would just point you to January when the Republican Party led by Ted Cruz in the Senate tried to put sanctions on Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden and the Democrats led a filibuster, a Jim Crow filibuster, their words, not mine, against these sanctions.” 

He then made the same point Zelenski made about sanctions on Russia remarking “sanctions in January might have helped. Biden was the one who did it, as were the Democrats. So, for all the voices you talk about, it was the Republican Party that tried to put Putin in his place in January and Biden stopped it.”  

Later on in the segment, Democrat Texas Congressman Colin Allred tried to gaslight viewers by claiming “Vladimir Putin has effectively united the Congress at the very least around resisting him and his aggression.” 

In response, Jennings let him have it saying that “there is no consensus. We literally in January had a vote in the U.S. Senate about whether to hold Putin accountable to put sanctions on this pipeline and the Democrats stopped it from happening.” 

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CNN’s State of the Union
9:47.32 AM EST

DANA BASH Now, Scott Jennings from Fox News and Capitol Hill are among the loudest voices in the GOP questioning whether the U.S. cares or not about these matters. 

SCOTT JENNINGS – As a political issue, I believe there’s an American fatigue about foreign intervention. That’s what drove Joe Biden to leave Afghanistan in the last year. It was the political impulse. Let me just mention January, when Ted Cruz, the Republican Party in the Senate, tried to impose sanctions on Vladimir Putin. Joe Biden, the Democrats, and a filibuster led by the Democrats, was a Jim Crow filibuster. Their words are not mine against the sanctions. There’s fifty-five votes in the Senate. While I agree with Zelensky that sanctions should be lifted after the takeover, it doesn’t benefit me. It might have helped to have had sanctions in January. It was Biden, not the Democrats. For all your voices, the Republican Party tried to place Putin in the rightful place in January, but Biden ended it. 


CONGRESSMAN COLIN Allred: Dana. I’d like to say that I was part of the bipartisan delegation to Ukraine. I believe Vladimir Putin has united Congress around his aggression. But it is not over. This can be achieved with bipartisan cooperation. 

JENINGS: There is not consensus. In January, there was a U.S. Senate vote on whether Putin should be held accountable for imposing sanctions against the pipeline. The Democrats stopped the process. 


Allred: Nord stream 2 pipeline 

JENNINGS : The Biden administration encouraged them to stop it. 

ALLRED: This is a different issue. 


ALLRED: It is. 

JENNINGS:  It is one of his most important issues. Biden lifted sanctions, which was stopped by the United States. 

ALLRED: It’s a shame you are here, and if this is a Democrat/Republican issue it should be responded by the Americans. 

JENNINGS : It would be nice if the Democrats stood up against Putin before he invades.

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