NY Post Identifies Person Who Allegedly Helped Pay off Hunter Biden’s Taxes – Opinion

There’s been a question that’s been hanging out there for some months. There were rumors that someone had helped to pay off Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Now, the NY Post is reporting that the person who reportedly did it was a big-time Hollywood lawyer who paid more than $2 million for Hunter’s taxes as the investigation into Biden’s taxes and foreign financial connections continues.

Kevin Morris represented the creators of South Park and also was one of the producers for “The Book of Mormon.” He’s also been a longtime Democratic donor.

According to The Post

Morris, whom Hunter Biden’s friends call his latest “sugar brother,” has also been funding the 52-year-old’s lifestyle in Los Angeles — including his rent and living expenses, the source said.

The attorney has also been advising the president’s son on how to structure his art sales, according to the source.

When The Post attempted to contact Morris at his Malibu residence to ask about his dealings with Hunter Biden, his wife slammed the door in the reporter’s face and refused to answer questions.

According to CBS, Morris is working on a documentary on Hunter Biden and Hunter has engaged him as an “attorney and trusted adviser” to investigate how his laptop became public and events that have happened since the laptop became public.

So I have a thought — maybe don’t put crazy things on your laptop and then forget to pick it back up after you leave it to be repaired? Then maybe it doesn’t become public? I know that’s a simple thought and I didn’t do any further examination or make a documentary to come to that conclusion. John Paul Mac Isaac was the repairman who just described Hunter’s experience with the laptop, and the way he discovered its contents.

But I find it amusing that they’re going to try to remake him into the victim here — the poor guy who just had all this stuff on his laptop they don’t want to talk about. That’s going to be fun as they try to dance around this. And the funny thing behind that will be that no matter what they say, they’re finally admitting it’s real by this response. Moreover, whatever they say, it’s only going to highlight the horrible content even more and invite more focus on the laptop.

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