NewsBusters Podcast: Liberal Media Adopt ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’ to Abortion Terrorism

After a busy weekend of news, Tim Graham and Nick Fondacaro were both away this morning so I was forced to fly solo. We focused on the liberal media’s sudden change in tone when it comes to threats against political organizations and public officials in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion.

We witnessed pro-abortion terrorist attacks against the Colorado Catholic Church and Wisconsin pro-life organization. Both were downplayed and described as such by liberal media. Politico As “a fire”That “broke out Sunday at the office of an anti-abortion group” The AP Reporting that “vandals struck an anti-abortion group office.”

I also touched on the far-left protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices, which were given the White House’s endorsement last week.

All told, this past week’s threats to pro-life groups and Supreme Court justices have illustrated proof that, for many in the liberal media, one’s safety should be contingent upon whom you vote for and what views you hold.

These are the new rules of engagement that have been set by the left. And it’s going down a dangerous road. It’s on all of us to demand leaders cool the temperature. It’s time to end the terrorist attacks on pro-lifers, and the Catholic Church.

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