NPR Smears Pro-Lifers As United in White ‘Male Supremacism’

The politically correct nightmare that is National Public Radio deputized their “extremism” correspondent Odette Yousef on Thursday night to smear the entire pro-life movement as a “far-right” cocktail of “Christian supremacism, secular male supremacism and white supremacism.”

Online headline: “Supremacy movement unite over restriction of abortion, but for different reasons” Anchor Adrian Florido began: “Overturning Roe v. WadeWhile the origins of the movement have been attributed to Christian conservatives, other religious movements of the extreme right played an important role. Some aspects of these extremist ideologies found their way into mainstream culture.

Their show is bizarrely called by them All Things Considered As they seek the expertise of two extreme-left “experts”, pro-life advocates. It’s all one thing.

YOUSEF: Alex DiBranco is the man behind something called “the” Institute for Research on Male Supremacism.She also said that we should stop viewing extremism as violence in an anti-abortion context. She says we need to look at the ideologies that have inspired that violence. They’ve pushed America’s abortion debate further right. You can see it in today’s language.

ALEX DiBRANCO : The growth of movements has convinced us to focus on the fact that if they don’t commit mass violence then they aren’t extreme. They’re not extremist if they don’t kill doctors. You know what? That is an entirely different issue.

Und Anything that speaks about inherently criminalizing, banning or interfering with abortions or contraception is extremist. It’s extremist. It’s also important to not allow ourselves to be influenced by this.

NPR doesn’t allow conservatives any self-framing. They’re shut out. Yousef’s other expert turned to the white-supremacist pro-lifers:

YOUSEF: The Christian anti abortion wing has historically presented their campaign as being multiracial and multiethnic. However, white power activists view the issue differently. Carol Mason. Carol Mason is a University of Kentucky professor.

CAROL MASON – There is a far-right notion of demographic decline, or the great replacement where Christian civilization (or white people) are outnumbered and replaced by non-Christian or non-white people. This fear has been circulating in anti-abortion literature for some time.

Yousef ended by noting that “Mason does not say that all anti-abortionists have been extremists” or that all of them are white supremacists. However, she said that anti-abortion messaging had tended to accept white nationalism or conspiratorial thinking.

Mason and DiBranco are very close friends in this theory of “male supremacy”. Both have contributed chapters to a book called “Male supremacism”. Male Supremacism: The United States, From Patriarchal Traditionalism and Misogynist Inels to the Alt-Right. Both are aligned to Political Research Associates (a far-left research organization). DiBranco during a PRA webinar.

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