Not Backing Down: Dave Chappelle Slams PC Critics in Surprise Netflix Release

Dave Chappelle is a comedy genius who has made Netflix specials that have been praised for their wildly funny content. The closer Sticks and Stones. In surprise Netflix release, after much leftist backlash and previous shows, he again defends PC culture. Dave Chappelle: What’s in a Name?According to The Daily Beast, July 7.

This new 40-minute “speech” is a follow-up to his rejection of an offer from Duke Ellington School for the Arts, his alma mater, to put his name on the theater after he had a contentious Q&A session with the schools students, who accused him of being a “bigot” and “childish,” in addition to hurling accusatory statements like “Your comedy kills.” His new special is in the theater at the school where the Q&A happened, and features serious critique with his trademark stand-up skills mixed in.

He starts by saying “Rather than give this theater my name, I would like to give these students my message.” He goes on to champion the value of free expression, a vital part of comedy, saying, “These kids said everything about gender and this, that, and the other, but they didn’t say anything about art.” He accuses the media and the kids of “removing artistic nuance” from his words, per The Beast.

God forbid that anyone not realize Dave Chappelle is funny and take his jokes seriously. Liberal brains may miss the point.

He sums up his attitude to speech policing, saying “The more you say I can’t say something, the more urgent it is for me to say it. It has nothing to do with what you’re saying I can’t say. It has everything to do with my right and my freedom of artistic expression.”

You can be sure of it.

He calls on the kids at the Q&A to be self-aware about whether their words were genuine conclusions they came to themselves, or if they were parroting propaganda fed to them. He says, “I know those kids didn’t come up with those words. I’ve heard those words before,“ and “These kids didn’t understand that they were instruments of oppression.”

High school students were just being loudmouths for liberal talk points, rather than thinking for themselves. Dave Chappelle would like them to see this and show them how freedom can be used for good.

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