‘Energy Transition’ Woes: US College Students Flock to Woke ESG Sector, Shun Oil Industry

Bloomberg News reported that college students in the United States are choosing the wake environmental, governance and social sector to replace the oil industry. 

Some students have become disenchanted with the oil industry and concerned that “fossil fuels may not have much of a future given increasing pressure from politicians, activists and investors to pivot toward more climate-friendly energy sources,” Bloomberg News reported in a July 6 article. 

A leading cause of the widespread loss of students’ faith in the oil industry is the “energy transition” as led by President Joe Biden and other Democrats. “More students and parents are turned off by the [oil] sector not necessarily because they are environmental advocates, but because they have concluded the switch will make oil and natural gas obsolete in five or 10 years,” Bloomberg quoted Jennifer Miskimins, leader of the petroleum engineering department at the Colorado School of Mines, as saying.

Biden praised the energy transition during a joint press conference in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on May 23: “When it comes to the gas prices, uh, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels.” 



U.S. gas prices on the day of Biden’s speech averaged $4.56 a gallon, according to Fox News. AAA data indicates that the national average price of a regular gallon has increased to $4.72 per gal, nearly 20 cents more than May. 

“I was kind of concerned that if we eventually get to a point where fossil fuels are so disfavored that the jobs simply don’t exist before I plan to retire,” University of Texas graduate Scott Lindberg reportedly told Bloomberg News.” I could lose my career if I stayed.”

Biden’s “incredible transition” has also prompted universities that train petroleum engineers to change course or risk losing even more students, according to Bloomberg. 

For example, the University of Texas is offering a new minor in sustainable energy where students can take “a wide array of environmentally-minded classes,” Bloomberg reported. 

Colleges aren’t the only venue the left’s war on energy is targeting. 

Marlo oaks, Utah State Treasurer, stated to MRC Business during an interview that American industry’s move towards environmental and social governance standards (ESGs), is hindering the development of other energy programs. 

“There are a lot of projects in the United States — profitable projects in the oil and gas industry — that are not being funded because of ESGs,” Oaks said.

Conservatives being attacked. Contact ABC News at 818-460-7477, CBS News at 212-975-3247 and NBC News at 212-664-6192 and demand they report on an oil industry that is being systematically starved of new workers because of Biden’s “incredible transition” away from fossil fuels.

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