No, Highland Park Suspect Wasn’t a Trump Supporter but Swalwell Train Wrecks Over It Anyway – Opinion

People on the left looked at pictures taken by Robert Crimo III of Highland Park, the shooting suspect. They also took another photo in which Crimo III appears to be sporting a Trump flag. The man seemed to mock Trump supporters.

It’s also possible the flag was a “Trump for Prison” flag. This would also be consistent, if one looks at the section under his leg.

As we noted, his Twitter account follows and his likes were more on the left side of the aisle and his friends called him “apolitical.”

Now, one of his friends from the music scene is confirming that, indeed, he wasn’t a Trump supporter and that it was about pulling a goof on the rally.

“The pictures of him being at the Trump rally — I remember asking him about it because he was not a Trump supporter at all, and it threw me off,” Nodfather said. “I was like, ‘What the fuck are you doing there?’ And he was like, ‘Look at my shirt.’ He was wearing a Where’s Waldo shirt. He wanted to just have fun. He just wanted to be funny.”

Crimo was more of a disturbed larper trying to harass people. Crimo appeared to be suffering from mental problems that weren’t properly treated.

But that hasn’t stopped the left from pushing the claim that he was a Trump supporter, with the most prominent person being Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). The following tweet contains almost all errors.

Crimo was 21 (but we’ll give him that one since 22 was in the initial reports). No one has announced what gun was used, so “military-style” is something Swalwell is just pulling out of the weeds in his mind. Republicans aren’t “pro-killer” no matter how desperate Democrats are to push anything to prevent the red wave in November. Swalwell is all in on Trump’s narrative, despite evidence to the contrary. Also, Illinois background checks are available so it’s not a complete lie. Crimo got his rifle legally, despite alleged prior threats he made to his family because they didn’t prefer charges against him.

That Swalwell tweet was bad enough — spreading all kinds of lies. Swalwell was then rightly furious when he received a DM asking for evidence that Crimo was a Trump fan. Imagine an American politician treating a voter as this because he questions the propaganda Swalwell is pushing. Imagine thinking this makes you look like you’re the sane one.

Caution for graphic language

Is that crazy? The question of whether or not he was a Trump supporter is one that certainly was open to question and it doesn’t make you supportive of the shooter to ask the question. But Swalwell doesn’t want any question of that narrative, that’s where Democrats are now: “You will not question what we say or we will curse you and say you are supporting a mass shooter.” That’s how extreme Democrats have become. Now the poor guy he falsely attacked is being attacked by Swalwell’s followers and had to post a statement saying that Swalwell was not telling the truth.

American voters would be shocked at the way Swalwell treats American voters.

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