Woman Allegedly Ran 14-Year-Old Over With Her Car Because She Thought the Girl ‘Was a Mexican’

A Des Moines, Iowa admitted to running over a 14-year-old girl because she thought the teen “was a Mexican,” authorities said in a Friday press release.

Nicole Poole Franklin, 42, has been charged with attempted murder over the Dec. 9 incident, NBC affiliate WHO reported.

Franklin veered off the road to hit the teen with her car after seeing the girl and assuming she was Latina, according to Clive police.

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Franklin allegedly drove away after colliding with the victim, who suffered multiple injuries.

Franklin then drove to a nearby gas station and made racist remarks to a cashier.

Police arrested Franklin at the gas station and detained her at the Polk County jail, where she remains.

Franklin is also facing charges of assault, 5th degree theft, consumption/intoxication, and possession.

Authorities are looking into whether Franklin can be charged with a hate crime, according to WHO.

The victim missed a week of class following the incident but is now back in school.

“I don’t remember the impact. I just remember the car coming towards me,” the victim told a local news station last week.

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The Clive Police Department said last week they had very little in the way of leads or clues as to who committed the hit and run.

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