Nickname on Hunter Biden’s Cracked Backup Raises All Sorts of Wild Questions – Opinion

As RedState reported on Saturday night, hackers on 4Chan have cracked Hunter Biden’s iCloud backups. Multiple sources now confirm that they are true, but they do contain some very questionable material.

As you’d expect, the younger Biden’s porn addiction and general depravity are on display, and I won’t go into any more detail than that. We try to keep this site family-friendly, after all, but there was also a very interesting nickname in Hunter Biden’s text messages on his iPad.

The world wants to know: Who exactly is “Pedo Peter?”

There are two possibilities being bounced around, and I won’t venture to try to solve the riddle in this article. I’ll just note that people examining the data seem to believe it’s either Joe Biden or Hunter Biden.

Those in the former camp believe it’s a play on an email pseudonym that Joe Biden used named Peter Henderson. According to Tom Clancy, the name comes from an American novel that describes a Soviet spy who infiltrates the US government. It’s a strange enough story. Still, others believe that “Pedo Peter” is actually Hunter Biden’s number saved under the title on different devices because the iCloud backup is shared.

This raises many wild questions. No matter which Biden it is, why is the word “pedo” being used to describe one of them? Given the president was implicated in some rather disturbing stuff contained in his daughter Ashely Biden’s diary, you can bet speculation will run wild. And you don’t even have to use your imagination to consider why Hunter Biden might fit the description. He was recently revealed to have been involved in Russian human trafficking rings.

Boiling all this down to one main point, I’ll just say this: The Biden family is incredibly screwed up. So far, we are not in line with the proclamations by the media that the Bidens will bring back wholesome normalcy at the White House. Jill Biden and Joe Biden are among the most dysfunctional, troubled families in Presidential history.

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