Nice and Naked Woman Arrested at the Airport – Opinion

Recent improvements have made flying the friendly skies a lot easier.

Life is a series of different states: Sometimes you’re traveling, sometimes you’re naked.

Last month however, Colorado’s woman achieved a unique combination.

As relayed by Denver’s Channel 4, a female passenger perused the local International Airport on the morning of September 19th.

If she’d booked a birthday getaway, she was attired appropriately — not a stitch or strap of cloth covered her.

And if she’d planned to don duds at her destination, that provision must’ve been packed in checked luggage; the only thing she lugged was a liquid container:

This woman had never been married. [baggage]It appeared that she was carrying a drink holder, a thermos, or bottle in her right arm. Her nakedness was beyond comprehension.

It remains unclear where she’d put her passport, but had the leafless lady worn sleeves, one would’ve been the perfect perch for her personality — she was plainly Type A:

“How are you doing? Where are you from?” she asked bystanders who were videotaping her.

CBSN claims it was given a clip for a minute by the expeditionist exhibitionist. However, it declined to pay the money.

According to cops, the crime occurred near Gate A-37 — where only ticketed travelers would be allowed.

The police report indicated a claimed chemical component to the jiggling jet-setter’s jaunt:

A report was made of a female who had been intoxicated. Officers…responded and located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue. … The female was transported to University Hospital by ambulance due to an undetermined medical episode.

Several in-the-buff events have made headlines over the last year.

In March of last year, an LA lady was spotted running in the raw downtown (see the revealing video here).

It’s the rats. She ate a long-tailed, dead rodent.

This past July — in the City of Angels as well — a screaming female was discovered stuck.

In the space that separates two buildings, she was on her back.

The in-betweener, however, was unclad at 100%.

In the spirit of Ms. Disrobed in Denver, June saw a bevy of bare-skinned journeyers — courtesy of Philadelphia’s Naked Bike Ride.

Safety was the first priority for anyone who tried it. Medical masks were required.

Miami also had its clothesless commuter in January

Back to Colorful Colorado, CBS didn’t report what airline the in-the-buff babe was booked for.

Perhaps it was fully Frontier.

Virgin Atlantic is less likely.

The alleged involvement of alcohol notwithstanding, there’s no word on why the undressed damsel did it.

Perhaps she mistook the word “airport” for a command.



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