CNN’s Oliver Darcy Tattles on Fox for Daring to Be Different Than CNN

Oliver Darcy of CNN’s Media Unit attempted to tattle on Fox News Channel in their so-called “Reliable Sources” newsletter on Tuesday night. His headline read “Guess what network did not carry the 1/6 proceedings?” Oh horrors, “over on FoxThe channel’s top host mocked that there had been an insurrection January 6. Coverage was not available.

CNN complains whenever Fox doesn’t do everything the way CNN would.

Networks are asked what their viewers will watch. Which will they choose to ignore? Fox News executives know that a very stilted Democrat committee is not their audience’s cup of tea. The committee is made up of Democrats plus Republicans Liz Cheney & Adam Kinzinger. It’s all Democrats plus Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. This committee is pro-Trump and there’s no way to balance it. CNN or MSNBC are sure to suffice.

The whole story is not covered by live coverage. Your coverage doesn’t have to be live to be covering the committee proceedings. Darcy criticised Fox’s “careless” approach to covering the proceedings.

Then, Darcy was back in Thursday night’s newsletter complaining about Fox. The newsletter was again covering Merrick Garland’s hearing Too muchIt is. CNN could not be faulted for skipping this. 

The headline this time was ““The power of Fox can be seen in Garland’s hearing.” Garland said that the right-wing network had taken large amounts of Garland’s testimony in front of the House, and most of it was Republicans asking questions about the AG. It was, in fact, a Fox News fanfic. It was Fake?

Darcy lamented that “this information climate is stopping elected leaders” Much more serious…” issues

What did CNN report on the hearing? CNN did not provide any live coverage on Thursday. A search of CNN transcripts revealed no such report. Most mentions of Merrick Garland that day were – shocker – about Steve Bannon resisting the 1/6 Committee. Garland’s letter talking up investigating “threats” from  parents speaking freely at school board meetings was not a major focus.

At 11:30 am, CNN’s Jessica Schneider mentioned the Republican concerns in passing:

SCHNEIDER. And, interestingly enough, Republicans haven’t really been pressuring the attorney general about a possible Steve Bannon trial. Kate has been criticizing Garland instead for the memo that he sent to school boards on October 4, which directed the FBI to collaborate with local prosecutors and to help them to stop some of these growing threats to COVID protocol education. Teaching the issue of race is not enough.

Schneider covered Garland’s hearing with Jake Tapper in the 5pm hour, covering both Republican as well as Democratic concerns. That’s not hard to do, Darcy!

SCHNEIDER. The Attorney General’s memo directs federal prosecutors and FBI to meet with local schools boards in order to develop strategies for dealing with threats to educators who have been faced by COVID protocols, such as the mask mandates and teaching racial subjects in school. Republicans claim the directive is an order to detain parents criticizing school boards. Garland has already repeatedly rejected this false narrative.

Additionally, she said that Democrats were unhappy DOJ was defending him against E. Jean Carroll and that Republican Ken Buck wanted a special prosecutor to probe Hunter Biden’s shady selling of paintings. It’s how a news station can achieve this without providing hours of live coverage. Darcy believes that journalism is not possible if a network doesn’t agree with CNN’s news judgment of Trump-trashing or Biden-bubblewrapping.

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