NewsBusters Podcast: Stelter Feels the Pain of Nina Jankowicz

Liberal media portray themselves as forces of Truth and conservative media as armies of misinformation. Brian Stelter of CNN brought Nina Jankowicz (ex-Disinformation Governance Board) to his Sunday program. He then asked softball question about her feelings. Stelter suggested she felt wronged and was misled by the right-wingers. The only tough questions dwelled on how the Department of Homeland Security didn’t fight the conservatives hard enough. 

Kevin Tober (MRC analyst) joins Jake Tapper on the show to discuss Stelter as well as Jake Tapper’s relentless questioning about Gov. J.B. Pritzker, a Democratic-Illinois legislator, asks why a mass shooting is so much more important than the daily killings in Chicago. (Hint, the police are following only the media’s lead.

There’s also Chuck Todd getting savaged by liberal Twitter for daring to point out the fact that Biden’s in political peril, and CBS pressing Vice President Kamala Harris from the left on why the Biden team isn’t pro-abortion enough.

You can listen to it below or elsewhere. 

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