Elie Mystal: Life Doesn’t Begin at Conception, GOP Wants Witch Trials

The Democrat Party is the party of science, so much for that. Monday Night’s ReidOutOn MSNBC, Elie Mystal, the justice correspondent at The Nation had another meltdown about the Supreme Court’s protection of the life and correcting wrongly rendered decisions. Roe V. Wade Casey vs. Planned Parenthood decisions. His unhinged and psychotic rant suggested that the idea of life starting at conception was simply an “overtly spiritual belief” that religious conservatives would bring back “witch trial.”

Joy Reid was oblivious to Mystal’s demented antics and pointed out that “proreligious outcomes of Supreme Court cases under John Roberts” are 83%. Her false claim was that “there is not much for Judaism, or Hinduism. It all belongs to right-wing Christianity.” 



After that, she set Mystal loose to shriek at viewers watching at home: “Yeah they don’t really need to bring in outside groups to pray because the zealots are already on the Supreme Court. Mystal groaned, “The call is coming from within the house.” 

Mystal was able to prove once and for all, that the Democrat Party wasn’t the party of science.

Many Jews don’t share this belief. This isn’t shared by all people who practice the Islamic or Hindu faiths, the Buddhist faiths, or other religions which make up the United States. As all religions hold the same belief in human life, this is clearly false. 

Mystal did what he’s known for, and questioned the motives of American conservatives. He claimed that they had tried to make the new world as Lauren Boebert recommends. Do you want to know how it ended up? The witch trials. What did you do? People died! This court is a step closer to that. 

Mystal said that she was not far from one “Laubber Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene-type person” and ended her fearmongering by saying, “We’re not far from one such Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene kind of people. I heard goody Mystal speak with the devil to help women across the border.”  

This vile and unscientific segment was made possible thanks to the endorsement of Liberty Mutual. They are linked. 

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MSNBC’s ReidOut
July 11, 2022
Eastern, 7:47:33

JOY REID: You know Elie, it’s not all religions that they’re talking about. Prayer, many religions use prayer. But the Supreme Court seems to be siding with one particular religion: right-wing Christian religion. Not regular Christianity. They have been a strong supporter of them nearly every time. Their success rate seems to be somewhere in the 80 percent-range. John Roberts has 83 percent of the Supreme Court cases involving religious outcomes. It was only 58 percent under Rehnquist who was far-right. Elie, that is exactly where we stand. But it’s not just religion. The outcomes aren’t great for Judaism, Hinduism, or all of right-wing Christianity. 

ELIE MYSTAL: Yeah they don’t really need to bring in outside groups to pray because the zealots are already on the Supreme Court. It is being called from within the house. People need to remember that Dobbs’ decision that conception begins life at birth is not a religious belief. It is fundamentally Christian. Many Jews don’t share this belief. Many people who are not of the Islamic faith or of the Hindu faith or Buddhist faith or from any other religion that makes up the country don’t share it. 

Lauren Boebert says we have attempted to live in the new world. Do you want to see where that has led us? It led to the witch trials. What did you do? People died! This court is a step closer to that! It’s not too far to one of the Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene-type people. This is the direction they’re going, and not only Dobbs. They issued a series of cases last term, which poke holes in the separation between church and state and allow the government to create Christian theocracy.

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