NewsBusters Podcast: LGBTQ Advocates Celebrate a Conservative Day of Invisibility

Transgender Day of Visibility became an entirely one-sided day of promotional news coverage complete with clip of President Biden’s celebratory speech. It was seen as a day without meaning by conservatives. Left-leaning critics believe that identity is better than democracy and debate.

It was particularly galling when taxpayer-funded PBS or NPR avoided any criticism. Instead we received celebrations for “gender-affirming healthcare” as well warnings about a new wave of red state bills “targeting transgender Rights.” These bills are like killing trans kids by supporting them. These bills are compared to killing “trans kids” Washington Post Political cartoon so realistic that Gov. Ron DeSantis standing in front of a trio of dead children, poisoned by the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

In the second half, we’re joined by Joseph Vazquez of MRC Business for a discussion of the “fact checkers” coming to Biden’s defense on high gas prices and on Hunter Biden’s scandals. Biden is not responsible for high prices of gas, according to the cops.

Listen to the podcast here or anywhere else you like.


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