NewsBusters Podcast: Barry Manilow ‘Bans’ and Christian Toto’s ‘Virtue Bombs’

On Friday, we were presented with the hot rumor that Seventies pop star Barry Manilow sided with Neil Young in pulling his songs from Spotify over Joe Rogan. We recorded it and it seemed to be true. Manilow twitted that it was false by the mid-afternoon. It didn’t seem right, but it was. 

Christian Toto speaks candidly about this controversy in his book Politically Correct Entertainment. The Virtue Bombs of Hollywood: How Hollywood Lost Its Soul. He reports Hollywood’s Dream Factory is now a nightmare of woke restrictions, Identity Politics run amok, and freedom-snuffing rules and regulations.”

The decline and fall in movie critics is discussed. We also discuss independent movies made conservatively (such as the Daily Wire), Gina Carano’s Disney cancellation, ABC’s cancelation, and ABC’s decision to fire her. black-ish,Jimmy Fallon, going to the woodshed.

You can listen to it below, or wherever podcasts are available. 

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