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The co-author for the book project that I’m currently working on drove across America when he was moving from the East Coast of California to the West Coast. He said he highly recommends everyone do this once in their life, because there is “no greater experience than seeing the country from the ground floor.”

I believe him, and it’s on my bucket list. Bob Barnes, an ex-uber driver decided that it was time for him to make the trip. He decided to ride his bike across the country and ditch the car.

Thus begins this week’s Feel-Good Friday.

Fox News LA

Bob Barnes loves a challenge. Not only did he want to tour all 50 states capitals but also to bike there.

He started his trip in August 2021 as an Uber driver and was able to keep it going for a full year. So far, he has visited 25 capitals plus Washington, D.C. He’s already tackled cities in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Midwest and West.

He said he always heard of people traveling to all 50 states but decided to add a twist by cycling to all of America’s capital cities.

Barnes said he’s making the trip for several reasons, including wanting to connect more with society.

“I wanted to get out here and see what’s going on for myself,” he told FOX Television Stations from West, Texas. “I call it ‘real reality’ not what we see on T.V. or the internet.”

Everyone who lives near the coast should take the ground-floor route in order to travel across the nation. Los Angeles, New York and many other metropolises believe anything beyond their own bubble is home to Trump supporters, hicks, rubes, or snobs. Although they are proud of being well-informed and highly educated, many Americans remain ignorant and content with what is presented to them via MSNBC or CNN.

Bravo, Mr. Barnes, for making this journey, which adds challenge and fun to the experience.

“Everybody out here is so kind,” he continued. “The random acts of kindness…just all the nice gestures. I don’t see any hatred anywhere. It’s just a complete, unbelievable experience.”

Barnes would also like to see people donate blood. Our country has a severe shortage of blood. Barnes gives blood to The Red Cross and local hospitals when he is able.

“If you have anything to give, you have a pint of blood to give,” he continued.

This is his account on BibberyTravels.com. He posted it from Dallas, Texas.

Day 181 Great American Triple Switchback night post

SB2 is 34.71 mi into his day. SB2 and SB2 have just 2 miles until we arrive at our destination. I understand I’ll be taken out for dinner tonight which will feel great. You feel normal. Actually the whole weekend should be “normal” but I’ll give more details in the morning.

Tomorrow, at 2 pm we will be donating blood in Plano TX. I’m dragging my friend Stacy there to donate also. If you haven’t donated in awhile now is the time.

It was easy to get around downtown Dallas once SB2 and I were there. There are bike lanes, and other such things.

At goodwill, we scored! For $21.61, I purchased pants, shoes and a belt. These are some of the things that donations will go to. This will help me get through this weekend. I am grateful for your help!

At some point over the weekend I’ll do another video to explain the trip, logistics, goals, and equipment.

Be safe if you are in the Nor’easter tonight! See you in the morning…

Barnes cycles 44 miles per day and camp overnight at truck stops or parks. When he arrives at the state’s capital building, he takes a picture—always the same pose (see the tweet above)—and then he moves on to the next state.

He said that the hardest parts of his trip were in Wyoming where strong winds and Arizona where he was forced to ride through winter storms.

Barnes also said he’s learned more about himself along the trip.

“I am stronger than I thought I was,” he explained. “Age is a number at this point.”

However, what about the 49th and 50th States? Do they have flotation bikes? Sadly, no, but that’s not stopping Barnes from fulfilling his trek.

Barnes hopes to ride a bike from Canada to Juneau in Alaska. He plans to fly from Canada to Honolulu and then cycle to the capital.

Simple! But not really. Barnes deserves our gratitude for his determination and stamina, as well as his belief in America and his optimism.

Barnes still has 25 states to go, and accepts support his trip on his GoFundMe page.

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