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Workers across the nation continue to fight for civil rights and healthcare against increasingly oppressive state mandates. On Tuesday, New York’s healthcare workers received an important rescue plan.

Federal Judge has issued a temporary injunction to stop New York State’s vaccine mandates being implemented by healthcare workers. This injunction does not apply to religious exemptions. It allows healthcare workers to refuse the mandate for vaccines on religious grounds.

On September 27, 2009, workers had to have COVID-19 vaccinations.


The health care workers protesting the vaccine mandate objected to being forced to take vaccines that used fetal cell lines from procured abortions. A New York state health official confirmed in an affidavit that fetal cell lines were used in the testing and production of current COVID-19 vaccines.

Seventeen health care workers sued last month, objecting to the state Department of Health’s vaccine mandate, which didn’t allow for religious exemptions.

New York state statistics show that approximately 92% have had their vaccines administered to healthcare workers. That is a lot of people, well beyond the threshold for “herd immunity.” Yet Governor Kathy Hochul insists on following through to a 100% vaccination rate.

“I stand behind this mandate, and I will fight this decision in court to keep New Yorkers safe.”

It’s very disturbing to see that 100% vaccination has been set as the target. It is not about healthcare anymore, but about power and control. The complete reversal of the political elite’s attitude towards healthcare workers in the last six month could not be explained by any other explanation. One point, people compared healthcare workers to Jesus and superheroes. Now all those people who served the ill through the pandemic but have decided they don’t wish to take a vaccine are villains.

Thomas Ferrara was lead counsel for the plaintiffs, and said they were COVID heroes who were treated unfairly.

“Suddenly, however, with this absurd mandate they were treated as Typhoid Mary, disease-carrying villains, fired overnight for wanting to do exactly what they did before — handle the patients, care for the sick, cure diseases with necessary protective equipment,” Ferrara said.

It is not being considered that many are inoculated against COVID by repeated exposures and some have recovered. The vaccine cannot help them because they have higher levels of antibodies from their natural immunity.

But the elite political class persists. New York State is in trouble.

The judge who issued the order admitted that the state would most likely appeal the decision right away, but there’s no word on when one might be filed. New York’s state health professionals may use their Constitution right to be exempted from religious mandates by the state.

Let’s hope this is just the beginning.

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