New ‘Worse Than Trump’ Drops as Democrat Flop-Sweat Over 2024 Builds – Opinion

Democrat flop-sweat over the 2024 election is already building, and the midterms haven’t even happened yet. And while a return of Donald Trump to the White House is no doubt the stuff of nightmares for the left, a recent trend of proclaiming another certain politician “worse than Trump” has emerged.

Ron DeSantis currently is cruising towards re-election. Max Boot of The Washington Post, once ostensibly a Republican, wants you to know that the Florida governor is an evil mix of former President Richard Nixon and McCarthyism, making him “more of a threat” than Trump.

I’ll admit that listing all the incredibly based stuff DeSantis does as a negative doesn’t seem like the best way to discredit him, but Boot is nothing if he isn’t inconsistent and illogical. The move to ban mask mandates was absolutely correct and a win for freedom, and no, it didn’t stomp on private property rights. Also, it was a simple decision to prohibit state employees using tax-payer-funded tools to limit personal freedom.

DeSantis’ criticism of the January 6th committee is on the money, and citing his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, which is one giant grift, only underscores how smart his decision-making is. DeSantis did sign two Parental Rights legislations that protected children from being indoctrinated sexually at schools. Boot trying to be more impressive?

However, I am digressing. None of this really addresses the issues. DeSantis could have policies that mirror those of Larry Hogan (he doesn’t, obviously), and Democrats would still be proclaiming him some combination of Hitler and Mussolini. Why? Because they know just how effective the Florida governor is, and they know if he’s given the chance, he will be extremely difficult to beat in a presidential election.

On that point, I’d ask everyone reading this to put aside their personal views about Trump, DeSantis, and who should be the nominee in 2024. That doesn’t really matter when dissecting Democrat fears. If you believe Trump deserves the nomination, I encourage you to vote for him, and I’m not here to change your mind. Understand that Democrats think they can beat Trump, which is probably an incorrect assumption. They don’t believe they are capable of defeating DeSantis.

In Boot’s piece, you see one theme repeated: That DeSantis is disciplined. Nothing gives Democrats hives more than the thought of having someone with Trump’s ability to fight and enact good policy wrapped in a younger, far more disciplined package that can serve two consecutive terms. Again, that’s not a criticism of anyone who may prefer Trump in 2024. Rather, it’s just a recognition of the state of things.

DeSantis drives the left nuts because they can’t lay a glove on him. Yes, he’s excellent at confronting the press and has shown himself uniquely capable of not just lambasting them rhetorically, but making them look objectively pathetic in the process. But he’s also willing to fight culture wars that no other Republican had the guts to fight until now. What’s more, he won those battles and came out the victor. DeSantis, despite all of the criticisms from the media, has an +6 rating in Harvard-Harris’ latest poll. Biden, on the other hand, is at 16 and Trump, at 12.

That’s why he’s becoming the top target of the left. Trump will always be hated, and if he’s the nominee in 2024, the Democrat hysteria will be through the roof (and hilarious to witness). But when talking about pure fear of a politician, DeSantis keeps them up at night, and Boot’s overwrought take is just the beginning.

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