NEW NewsBusters Podcast: The Extended Extremist Abortion Freakout

The leak of a Supreme Court draft curtailing Roe Vs. WadeThis triggered a lengthy liberal media panic. Everybody, from the Founding Fathers through today’s Republicans was criticized for their “extreme hatred” of women.

A procession of liberal guests paraded through the network. Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the CBS Evening News She complained to voters about her efforts to warn them that Trump would pander to an “extreme fraction” of prolife conservatives.

On MSNBC, Rep. Hakeem Jeffreys claimed that conservatives are for “tyranny” and liberals for “freedom.” Conservatives are a “cult” that tries to force their values onto women.

These are not fact-checked. President Biden claims that the Republicans will segregate schools to eliminate “LGBTQ” children from their classrooms. Most claims made by Democrats, including the claim that they are pro-abortion up to birth, get questioned mostly by fact checkers. The fact that few abortions are performed in the third quarter of pregnancy was a reason they tried to deny this. 

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