Donald Trump Brings the Fire to Pennsylvania Rally Friday – Opinion

On Friday, 5/6/2017, President Donald Trump addressed a rally in Greensburg. The small crowd gathered in Greensburg, Pennsylvania to see Trump speak. They were a bit hesitant because of the heavy rain. Trump snubbed Democrats as well as RINOs, and the crowd roared their approval.

Trump slammed Nancy Pelosi and the rest of his usual suspects.

He also sharply criticized President George W. Bush’s Middle East policy. Bush announced recently that he will be appearing in Georgia as a candidate for Governor Brian Kemp. Trump is not known to have endorsed him.

Trump challenged the current White House occupant, suggesting Biden undergo a test to see if he’s fit for office.

Also, the President addressed mask mandates.

Alec Baldwin was lit up by him.

Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are also on board.

J.D. Vance, who recently won the Republican senatorial primary in Ohio with Trump’s endorsement playing no small part in pushing him to victory, spoke and was warmly received. Vance took aim at Karl Rove.

The same was not true for Dr. Mehmet Oz, despite Trump endorsing him for Pennsylvania’s Republican Senatorial primary, as scattered boos occurred when he spoke.

While the left will mock the rally’s attendance, Trump’s popularity and power within the Republican party remain unchallenged.

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