NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Opening the Farah Faucet at ‘The View’

ABC’s this week The View announced new permanent co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro. Although these women are called “Republicans”, this does not mean that they will appear as one-sided. Is anyone going to seriously consider a liberal guest?

NewsBusters Associate editor Nick Fondacaro is here to offer his insight on the everyday grind of this progressive brood.

Farah Griffin tried even to assert that this panel was somehow on her side. The View More civil than politicians. “I believe we can do at this table something that our elected leaders can’t: disagreeing but doing so accordingly. [sic]Doing so factually. You don’t have to be a part of the lies and conspiracies that have overtaken so many news outlets.

Nick also discusses Chris Cuomo (ex-CNN host), who will be returning to the NewsNation channel. The channel has attempted to present itself as straighter and less opinionated than other news channels. Cuomo promises to behave well, but we are skeptical. Cuomo did mention that the January 6 Committee was playing “gotcha games”, but he is now walking back. 

Listen to the podcast here or anywhere else you like.

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