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If you visit a vending machine in San Diego over the next year, be sure it’s the right kind. If you do not, it is possible to end up at an Overdose Prevention Station.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune’s report, SD County will have a dozen Naloxone-dispensing machines installed by the end of next summer.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse

Naloxone can be used to quickly reverse an overdose of opioids. It acts as an opioid antagonist. It attaches to opioid receptors, and reverses or blocks other opioid effects. Naloxone is quick to restore normal breathing to someone whose breathing has been slowed down or stopped by opioid overdose. … Examples of opioids include heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone (OxyContin®), hydrocodone (Vicodin®), codeine, and morphine.

First machine will be installed at McAlister Institute South Bay Regional Recovery Center, Chula Vista. Other locations haven’t yet been named, but five more are planned by 2022’s end.

The drug — under the brand name Narcan — will be offered as a nasal spray. If it’s administered quickly, it can indeed save someone’s life.

In a statement last week, the county’s chief population health officer, Nicole Esposito, praised the product and punctuated the need for it:

“Naloxone is a proven life saver in overdose situations. The enhanced distribution of naloxone into the hands of community members is vital in saving lives that might otherwise be lost to overdose.”

That sounds good, but how did we arrive here — at a place where so many are addicted to drugs that we’re having to make death-defying treatment available like Pepsi?

It seems to me we got here by never asking — between the beginning and now — how we got to each point along the way. Our society appears increasingly good at responding to problems, and progressively bad and preventing them — or having the courage to even point them out until they’ve reached crisis level.

Make no mistake — the crisis is here:

They are part of a wider county effort to have 33,000 Narcan Kits available by June 30, 2023.

Union-Tribune says machines will provide Narcan free of charge to any person over 18 years old. To use the machine, a course must be completed online. An individual who completes the online course will receive a PIN code that can be used to authorise a machine.

San Diego County’s political landscape has changed. Per the Voice of San Diego, “For nearly 150 years, through two world wars and massive growth, [it] loved the Republican Party.”

The Times of San Diego witnessed a new day in 2019:

[S]an Diego is California’s second-largest city, but in a sense remains an isolated, almost self-contained, outpost.

An ocean to the west, an international border to the south, a mountainous and forbidding desert to the east and the Marine Corps’ massive Camp Pendleton to the north wall off San Diego from the rest of California. …

San Diego, as it turns out, is experiencing a period of political change. For most of San Diego County’s history, the city has been conservative. The rural parts of the county are still that way. The city is now blue due to the political awakening of the Latino population and organizational efforts made by unions, as well as demographic and economic change.

In the education arena, you can see the impact left-wing leadership has on students. Recently, I reported that the San Diego Unified school District has begun training teachers on teaching children gender identity.

From the official district instruction, as obtained by City Journal’s Christopher Rufo:

The Gender Binary is a social construct that situates “male” and “female” as synonymous with “man” and “woman” and dictates how people assigned to these categories should act. This system is limited and excludes transgender and nonbinary people, as well as intersex and gender-nonconforming persons.

Three questions are provided in the training that teachers must prepare to answer for students.

How does semen taste?

  • Is there a question that is meant to be asked?
  • How much knowledge are they able to use to make good choices?
  • Is it possible to include all students in your reply?
  • What would your response be?

Nicole Esposito explains that Narcan machines are designed to help addicts get trained and receive the nasal spray prior to an overdose. Then when it occurs, they’ll be ready.

A lot of people must be available:

These efforts are made at a time of rising opioid-related overdoses

According to county data, there was an additional 55 percent in deaths due to accidental opioid overdoses.



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