Never Trump’s Pursuit of Donald Trump Takes a Dark Turn – Opinion

People who claim to be Never Trump are still pursuing Donald Trump. Per RedState’s prior reporting, Adam Kinzinger did the one thing that makes him feel relevant by appearing on Meet the Press.

It was followed by a bizarre diatribe where Republicans accused Republicans of hypocrisy of wanting Hillary Clinton indicted but not Donald Trump over the handling classified information. Can you understand how it works? Republicans will be expected to follow the same rules as Democrats, even though they have to change some of their rules to safeguard a Democrat.

Yeah, that’s not how any of this works. It is not hypocritical to want the law applied evenly, and while Clinton should have been charged, she wasn’t and that changed things. Trump should not be held to some arbitrary, “orange man bad” standard when it comes to enforcement of the law.

Kinzinger’s answer is: Simply create new laws for Trump.

Of course, there’s not precedents. We’ve never had a president of the United States attempt a coup against the United States of America. So there’s no precedents. And if we need a new law, let’s get a new law. But I’m quite sure that some of the laws can cover this. It seems that the DOJ is very confident about it.

Perhaps Kinzinger should take a look at Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution of the United States because there’s a prohibition of ex post facto laws regarding criminal cases. Congress can’t pass a law that retroactively punishes Trump or anyone else for something that wasn’t previously illegal. Kinzinger is probably vapid enough that he didn’t realize that when he made his comment, but I’m not sure that’s even the most important thing here.

It is important to note that Kinzinger wouldn’t have this urge. Is he agitating for the US to become an independent banana republic? Because that’s how it becomes a banana republic, and indeed, if there is no legal precedent or provision to charge Trump with whatever fantasies the January 6th committee comes up with, the idea of creating one out of thin air is tyrannical. Injustices across history have been littered with delusional, self-righteous individuals who felt they could cross lines for the “greater good,” and Kinzinger is firmly in that place.

As to the notion that the DOJ is “very convinced” it can prosecute Trump under existing law, I’m not seeing much evidence of that. Is it possible that they will break the Hillary Clinton precedent by going after Trump on his handling of classified material? Because if they do that, there will be no going back for the department’s credibility. That would be the clearest and most direct representation of America’s dual-tiered justice systems in American history. Do they want to follow that route? I guess we’ll find out.

I’m not sure that’s what Kinzinger is talking about, though, given his mention of a supposed “coup,” another term he apparently can’t define. He is like the other members of January 6th Committee. His derangement has been fueled by the exaggerated praise from a media hungry to bring down Trump. Trump didn’t tell people to protest peacefully, he did not violate any laws. There are no laws that would see him charged for not “acting quickly enough” or whatever else the committee is suggesting these days.

What Kinzinger is illustrating isn’t just dumb and illegal, it’s dark. The place these zealots are trying to go in their pursuit to punish a political enemy is dangerous and it’s going to tear the country apart.

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