Network Whores at ABC Shilled for ‘Mulan,’ Buried Filming Near Brutal Chinese Camp

The China Olympics kicked off on Friday night under the shadow of the country’s brutal regime sentencing Uyghur minorities to prison terms featuring torture and sexual abuse. NewsBusters on Tuesday reported that networks were allowed to broadcast 13 minutes in a single year. NBC was the only network that televised the Olympics. It allowed 742 seconds. 

But NBC isn’t the only morally compromised network. From January 31, 2021, to January 31 20222, ABC only allowed 23 seconds. The network’s journalists have sold their media empires and buried the story of Mulan, the nearby prison camp Mulan. This could harm the film’s future release. 

In September of 2020, ABC’s Good Morning AmericaPromoted aggressively the live action version. Mulan. A number of times, the network hyped Disney+’s debut. ABC cut the report after it emerged that the film was shot near the brutal Chinese concentration camps. 

Here’s what ABC hid. This was on the 9th of September 2020 CBS This Morning, Elizabeth Palmer revealed, “Xinjiang is heavily policed with surveillance cameras everywhere. This is where the Chinese Communist Party runs so-called re-education camps where it’s detained more than a million local people, including Muslim Uyghurs and forced them to relinquish their language and religion.” 



ABC chose to cover this instead of reporting it.  The September 4 Good Morning America, Tom Llamas previewed: “Now to a highly anticipated movie fans have waited months to see, the epic live action film Mulan hits Disney+ today.” Sounding like the good little corporate shill, Will Reeve hyped, “Disney+ Premiere Access members can start streaming Mulan right now before it’s available to all Disney+ subscribers on December 4.” 



Desperately pathetic shill Sam Champion on August 13 insisted that the film would bring “honor” to , among others, ABC employees: “Disney releasing the trailer ahead of the movie September 4th Disney+ premiere. It is safe to say that I believe. Mulan will bring honor to us all when we finally get to see it and Disney is our parent company.” 

ABC may not wish to report on the Uyghurs’ oppression but please enjoy the trailer. Mulan. 

ABC’s abandonment of news is unfortunately not a new phenomenon. The premiere of Disney+ in November 2019 was a milestone. Good Morning AmericaI spent almost 17 minutes on it. 



Outlets like ABC and NBC simply can’t be trusted anymore. It’s not just liberal bias, they are compromised by their corporate overlords and turn a blind eye to horrors that conflict with their bosses. 

More examples are available from the FLASHBACK series (which we call NewsBusters Time Machine). Click here.

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