Nets Unfazed By Biden’s PROMISE to Abandon Americans (AGAIN) in Ukraine

In an apparent attempt to not repeat the bad optics and moral travesty of failing to get Americans out of Afghanistan by an arbitrary/self-imposed deadline, President Biden has decided to simply not try to get Americans out of Ukraine at all if Russia invades. And almost as shocking, the liberal broadcast networks, who were actually tough on Biden’s abandonment a few months ago, didn’t share the same outrage at what’s essentially a morbid promise by the President.

None of these networks mentioned the Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe nor voiced any criticism or concern about the American decision to withdraw from a war zone. It was a fair warning from the Biden administration and they are now on their side.

“We begin tonight with the urgent warning from the White House late today on the threat from Russia. The White House now saying there’s a, quote, ‘credible prospect’ that Russian forces could invade Ukraine within days,” ABC World News TonightAnchor David Muir stated at the top the newscast that the gravity of the situation was being conveyed by Muir. “Ukraine warns Americans to flee.”

Terry Moran, ABC’s correspondent played a voice-over of Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor. He told the media pool they would not attempt to expel Americans. “[T]he time for U.S. citizens there to get out is now,” Moran said. “Sullivan said that U.S. soldiers would not be used in the evacuation of American citizens.”

CBS Evening News also made sure to impart how serious the situation was with anchor Norah O’Donnell noting, “[the administration warns]American citizens must leave the United States within 48 hours. Britain and many other countries have also asked their citizens to leave the country..”



Chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes treated the promise to again abandon Americans in a possible war zone as acceptable (Click “expand”):

CBS news reports that U.S. intelligence provided new information that indicates that Russian commanders are being instructed to be prepared for an imminent invasion on the 16th of April, just five days away. The U.S. will not send a rescue team to help Ukrainians trapped in their homes today.


According to the State Department, there are approximately 6,000 Americans who live in Ukraine. American personnel have been withdrawn from the embassy in Kyiv.

“This evening, the White House announcing 3,000 additional American troops have been ordered to deploy to Poland,” NBC Nightly NewsAnchor Lester Holt spoke for his part. “[A]nd repeating what President Biden told me during an interview yesterday, that American citizens in Ukraine should leave now, telling me, quote, ‘things could go crazy quickly.

Further, in the NBC segment, chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel rhetorically shrugged at the fact that Biden was fine trusting the Russian military with American lives (Click “expand”):

ENGEL: Lester heard from President Biden, that while help will not be forthcoming for Americans who leave the country, President Putin does not intend to attack Americans.

HOLT – You told him that Americans wouldn’t be allowed to cross the line.

BIDEN: He didn’t need to hear that. That is something I’ve spoken to him about. That is what he knows. He knows that.

The networks had conversations with Americans in Ukraine who wanted to live there, at the very least for the near future.

“It’s hard to leave your life. As a matter of fact, I will not leave the country if it is involved in a conflict. Okay? Okay? But in advance to that, it’s hard to leave,” Aaron Star told Moran. On CBS, Brian Best told them, “I will stay, yeah, because this is my home. But I suppose if Russia did occupy Ukraine, that would be my time to leave.”

And on NBC, Engel spoke to Dave Egan who said: “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I am not running. I have too many friends and my home and I like it here.”

The segments did not give an explanation of why people would decide to stay. This was not intended to be a replacement for the Biden administration.

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You can find the transcript below. To read it, please click on “expand”.

ABC’s World News Tonight
February 11, 2022
Eastern, 6:32:26

DAVIDMUIR: Tonight’s program begins with an urgent White House warning about Russia’s threat late today. The White House now saying there’s a, quote, “credible prospect” that Russian forces could invade Ukraine within days. This could happen before the Olympics. Notifying Americans to Leave Ukraine. Today, the U.S. military deploys another 3,000 troops in Fort Bragg and Poland.


Eastern at 6:33 p.m.

TERRY MORAN: Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser said that although the U.S. still hasn’t concluded that Vladimir Putin gave the order for Ukraine to be invaded, it is time for U.S. citizens to leave.

JAKE SULIVAN (Nat. Sec. Sec. Anyone living in Ukraine and American citizens should flee as soon as they can, in any case within the 24-48 hours.

MORAN: Sullivan also warned that U.S. forces would not be used for the evacuation of American citizens.

A day after President Biden gave this warning regarding how quickly the situation could worsen, the dire assessment of the crisis is now.

JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT: Today we have to deal with the biggest armies of the planet. It’s a different scenario, so things can get insane quickly.


Eastern at 6:35 p.m.

MORAN: The call to evacuate for Americans living here is very difficult. Aaron Star, an American teacher of 25 years, has both a job in Kyiv and a Ukrainian girl. We asked him why he didn’t leave yet.

AARON STAR – It is hard to give up your life. I won’t leave the country if it’s in war. Okay? It’s okay. However, I know it will be difficult for me to flee.


CBS Evening News
February 11, 2022
Eastern, 6:32:03

NORAH O’DONNELL: We’re going to begin with ominous warnings from the Biden administration that Russia has the troops in place to possibly invade Ukraine at any time and that American citizens should leave the country within the next 48 hours. Other countries including Britain are encouraging their citizens to follow suit.

As the show begins, President Biden presses to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin immediately in order to try to end the turmoil that rocked the financial markets. The Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P plummeted on fears of war.

Russia has been surrounded Ukraine since months, sending troops to say it wanted to enforce redlines to ensure its ex-neighbor the Soviet Union doesn’t join NATO. Russia has been conducting large-scale military exercises with Belarus, its neighbor.

Also tonight, CBS News’ new poll found that an even smaller majority of Americans want the U.S. not to be involved in negotiations with Russia.


Eastern at 6:33 p.m.

NANCY Cordes: CBS News tonight reports that U.S. intelligence has uncovered new intelligence that indicates Russian commanders are being prepared for an attack by the 16ThThat’s only five days away. Americans in Ukraine received a clear warning today: If they are trapped, there will not be a U.S. rescue operation.

[Cuts to video]

Officials at the White House call it an indication of escalation. Satellite images and video show more Russian troops approaching Ukraine’s border. It prompted this video call today between President Biden and a dozen other NATO leaders, as U.S. Officials urged all Americans in Ukraine to “depart now.”

JAKE SULIVAN (Nat. Sec. Advisor): President won’t put the lives of our soldiers and civilians at risk by sending troops into war zones to save people who might have fled but decided not to.

CORDES – The State Department believes that there are about 6,000 Americans in Ukraine. U.S. personnel have been withdrawn from the embassy in Kyiv.


Eastern, 6:36:27

IMTIAZ TYAB – Russia’s large military exercises in Belarus are threatening to become a terrifying reality. The State Department warns that not enough Americans have heeded President Biden’s call for Ukraine to be left.

Brian best is a California native and lives with his Ukrainian wife and children in Kyiv.

Do you want to remain?

BRIAN BEST: Yes, I’ll stay. This is where my heart is. If Russia invaded Ukraine, it might be time for me to move.


NBC Nightly News
February 11, 2022
Eastern, 7:01:53


LESTER HOLT: This evening, the White House announcing 3,000 additional American troops have been ordered to deploy to Poland, warning there’s now a distinct possibility that Russian forces could invade Ukraine before the end of the Olympics – just nine days away – and repeating what President Biden told me during an interview yesterday, that American citizens in Ukraine should leave now, telling me, quote, “things could go crazy quickly.”


Eastern: 7:02 p.m.

RICHARD ENGEL – The Pentagon is sending additional 3,000 U.S. soldiers to Poland. In addition, the White House has warned Americans that they must leave Ukraine in 48 hours.

JAKE SULIVAN (Nat. Sec. Sec.


DAVE EGAN – I don’t know the outcome, but I won’t be running. My home is a haven for me and too many of my friends.

ENGEL. President Biden stated to Lester, “Help is not coming for Americans that stay,” but also that President Putin does not know how to target Americans.


PRESIDENT BODEN: That was not something I had to say. It’s something that I know. That is what he knows. He knows that.


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