Freedom Convoy Gives Gov’t Resounding Answer to Order to Leave Ambassador Bridge or Face Arrest – Opinion

According to CBC Windsor News at 6’s Katerina Georgieva, the court has granted an Injunction against the Freedom Convoy protest/blockade at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario. The court granted the injunction at approximately 5:00 pm to go into effect Friday night at 7:00 pm. This would allow protesters to evacuate the area for a few hours.

Windsor Police just warned the protesters, “We are providing notice that anyone blocking streets or assisting others in the blocking of streets may be committing a criminal offence and must immediately cease further unlawful activity or you may face charges. You could be arrested if you are a party to the offence or assisting others in the direct or indirect commission of this offence.” On top of that, the police said “charges/convictions could lead to denial in crossing the US border.” They also threatened to seize the vehicles.

Georgieva claims that the injunction will last approximately 10 days.

There’s also word that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer provided heavy equipment for Windsor to move the trucks. “The State of Michigan and the governors’ office directly have offered to send over heavy equipment to help remove vehicles, to provide security, they’ve offered to do whatever is required to help end this blockade as well,” Windsor Mayor Dilkens said in the press conference. Canadian tow truck operators have rejected all attempts by local authorities to get rid of the trucks. Whitmer is complaining about the US blockade as well as the impact on America.

These notices were handed out by police who, in general, were very friendly. They were referencing the threat of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s action and threatening serious consequences like being imprisoned for one year and $100,000 fines as well as having their licenses revoked.

It’s a scare tactic to get them to leave. And if they would implement those actions through orders, they’re going to get legally challenged.

The question is, were the protesters allowed to leave? On the contrary, not only didn’t they leave, but there appear to be even more people gathered there than there were before. There were a lot of people who showed their support for the people. The police are far more common than they are.

The vote of the people was to remain, even under threat.

They also sang “O Canada.”

The attitude expressed by the people there was summarized by this lady. The people feel that the government is hypocritical for suddenly becoming concerned about businesses after they have shut down everything for two years. Now, they’re upset? “I don’t buy it,” she says.

I would expect it will happen probably in the early morning, when they think they’re might be fewer people there.

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