Nets Skip Biden Claiming Gaffes Didn’t Happen, ABC Props Up Outbursts

At a Monday press conference after returning from a gaffe-packed trip to Europe where he made multiple provocative comments regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Biden asserted to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy that none of his gaffes occurred. Even though reports highlighted his most embarrassing gaffe and showed Biden sticking with it, not one of the evening news broadcasts dare to discuss his denial. He was actually supported by a few people.

As NewsBusters reported, here’s the exchange between Biden and Doocy (Click “expand”):

BIDEN: What’s getting walked back?

DOOCY (It sounded as if you had told U.S. soldiers that you were heading to Ukraine. It sounded almost like you suggested the U.S. could use chemical weapons. And it seemed like your calling for Russia’s regime change. And we know —

BIDEN – None of these three were possible.

Throughout ABC’s World News TonightThe President seemed to have been given the task of supporting him as he was pushed around by others. “Those words, while still in Europe were unscripted. Late today, the President said they were personal, not policy,”David Muir, announced anchor

National correspondent Terry Moran primed the pump for what would come later as he parroted Biden saying he “was not announcing any policy change” but rather venting his “moral outrage” at Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.



Following a report where senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce showed soundbites of her pressing Biden at the presser about his words escalating the situation, she capped off the report by seemingly touting the administration’s response to the outrage. “The White House knows that the President’s words matter, but David, the bottom line is, while this is being criticized as a gaffe, the White House simply doesn’t see it that way,”She announced.

Bruce agreed with Moran that Biden should have the right to vent his emotions regardless of any consequences.

He has no regrets. Biden said that Putin’s actions are unacceptable, and that he should have the right to vent his anger and frustration. In fact, again today, Biden said that Putin, “shouldn’t remain in power.”

Continue reading CBS Evening News, anchor Norah O’Donnell was way too excited when she announced that “President Biden surprised the world today when he stood by comments that he made in Warsaw that Vladimir Putin, ‘Cannot stay in power.’ It was expected that he was going to clean up those unscripted words.”

She then suggested “he clarified” what he said and put on a serious-sounding tone when she noted “[t]he concern tonight is those remarks would escalate the war in Ukraine and Putin may use it as a propaganda that the west is trying to overthrow him.”

CBS senior White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe echoed O’Donnell’s claim that Biden had “clarified he was expressing personal views, not a change in U.S. policy.”

“Still, the President faced a barrage of questions today about his comments, like why did he say it,” she seemed to lament.

However, there are more. NBC Nightly News, senior White House reporter Kelly O’Donnell didn’t play by the same book ABC and CBS did. “Saturday in Poland, defending democracy and Ukraine, the President went off script and off message,” she warned. “That reverberated among friends and foes.”

She concluded the video portion by noting a new NBC News poll that found Biden’s approval rating is down to 40 percent, 55 percent disapprove” and that a whopping “7 in 10 Americans express low confidence in the President’s ability to deal with the war in Ukraine.”

All of us know why.

The omission of Biden’s denial of gaffes while taking about gaffes was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Vicks on ABC, Claritin on CBS, and Prevagen on NBC. The links below provide their contact information.

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ABC’s World News Tonight
March 28, 2022
Eastern at 6:32 p.m.


DAVID MUIR: Late today, President Biden explaining his words after saying of Vladimir Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” While still speaking in Europe, those words weren’t scripted. Today, President Obama said that these words were personal and not policy. Mary Bruce asks the President: Is he concerned about what Putin might do to such words?


Eastern, 6:34:30

TERRY MORAN: Today, Biden insisted he was not announcing any policy change, but simply expressing “moral outrage.”

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: It’s not my turn to walk back. I simply felt a sense of moral outrage and was actually expressing it. [Transition]It is important to clarify that I was not articulating any policy changes at the time. It was my moral outrage, and I don’t apologize for it.


Eastern at 6:36 p.m.

MUIR: And as you saw Terry report there, President Biden standing by his comments about Vladimir Putin while still in Europe, saying that “this man cannot remain in power.” I want to bring in ABC’s senior White House correspondent, Mary Bruce tonight, because Mary, you pressed the President further about whether his words could enflame tensions with the Russian leader, if he’s at all concerned what Putin could do when he hears something like that. Let’s listen.

[Cuts to video]

MARY BRUCE: You’ve said that you’re confident your comment won’t undermine diplomatic efforts, but to be clear are you confident that Vladimir Putin sees it that way?

BIDEN: It doesn’t matter what he thinks. He is going to do the things he says. Putin, look–


BIDEN: Based on his behavior recently, it is clear that he will do whatever he believes he should. The idea that he will do something crazy because I called him about what he did and was doing is not reasonable.

[Cuts back to live]

Mary, I asked the President. Are you concerned about Putin? It’s interesting to know what sources you have about the President’s staff, and where they are most concerned by his statements. The Russians also responded tonight.

BRUCE: David, tonight, the Russians are calling the President’s comments “alarming” and a “personal insult.” They say it’s completely unacceptable.

The White House acted swiftly to correct the situation and make clear that it is not going to expel Putin. Although the White House is aware that words do matter to the President, David is stating the obvious: while the White House is blaming this as a gaffe it doesn’t.

He has no regrets. Biden said that Putin’s conduct is unacceptable and that he should have the right to vent his anger and frustration. In fact, again today, Biden said that Putin, quote, “shouldn’t remain in power.” David?

Mary Bruce, thank-you for your MUIR.

CBS Evening News
March 28, 2022
 6:31:45 p.m. Eastern

NORAH O’DONNELL: President Biden surprised the world today when he stood by comments that he made in Warsaw that Vladimir Putin, quote, “Cannot stay in power.” As it was to be expected, he would clean up the unscripted remarks. He clarified, however that he was expressing his opinion only and not as a change in policy.

Tonight’s concern is that these remarks could escalate the conflict in Ukraine, and Putin might use them as propaganda to show the west that he is trying overthrow Putin.


Eastern, 6:32:35

ED O’KEEFE: The President’s comments about Vladimir Putin came at the end of a carefully prepared speech and three days of intense diplomacy. He said today that the message was meant for Russians.

[Cuts to video]

This is what I said about Vladimir Putin two days ago


O’KEEFE: — President Biden today clarified he was expressing personal views, not a change in U.S. policy.

BIDEN: It wasn’t me then, nor do I intend to now. It was my moral outrage and I don’t apologize for it.

O’KEEFE: Still, the President faced a barrage of questions today about his comments, like why did he say it?

BIDNE – This simply states the fact that such behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER : Do you worry that this comment might increase the conflict?

BIDEN: No, I’m not. I am not. [Transition]Engaging in land or nuclear war against Russia is not something I would want. It was my anger at his behavior. It’s outrageous.


Eastern, 6:3425

O’KEWFE: White House aides say the President’s remark about removing Putin wasn’t part of the prepared text. Is he concerned that Putin might interpret his comments as an act of escalation

BIDEN Look, here’s the deal, he’s going to do what he’s going to do.


NBC Nightly News
March 28, 2022
Eastern, 7:05:05

LESTER HOLT: President Biden, tonight, is defending his controversial remark that Putin “cannot remain in power.” The President not insists he was just declaring “moral outrage” not calling for regime change. Kelly O’Donnell has more on the fall-out.

[Cuts to video]

KELLY O’DONNELL: Back from Europe, President Biden tried to quiet a controversy of his own making. The one that rocked his allies and forced him to send his government in for 48-hours of cleaning up. Today, however, the President remains determined.

You believe that Putin is not allowed to remain in power.

JOE BIDDEN, PRESIDENT: It’s not my turn to walk back. My moral outrage was expressed towards Putin’s actions and he is only brutal.

O’DONNELL: Saturday in Poland, defending democracy and Ukraine, the President went off script and off message.

BIDEN: This man can no longer be in power for the sake of God.

O’DONNELL: That reverberated among friends and foes. Official U.S. Government position doesn’t seek to overthrow Putin’s government.

BIDEN: I wasn’t there or now advocating a change in policy, but I was simply expressing my moral outrage and make no excuses.

O’DONNELL: Today, the President said his words did not muddy the crisis.

Is it a problem for the diplomatic efforts of the moment?

BIDEN : It doesn’t, it seems to me.

O’DONNELL: But there is diplomatic pushback. Concerns that Putin will use Biden’s words as propaganda or provocation. Today in France, President Macon, who still speaks to Putin trying to broker peace, said, “we cannot escalate in either words or actions.”

The crisis has caused President Biden to lose 40 percent of his approval ratings, and 55 percent are disapproving in a NBC News survey that showed about 7 out 10 Americans lack confidence in the ability of the President to manage the Ukraine war.

[Cuts back to live]

HOLT. And Kelly uses President Biden’s remarks to critique the U.S., Russia has already been outraged by its invasion of Ukraine tonight.

O’DONNELL: That’s right, Lester, the Kremlin said it’s not up to President Biden to decide who leads the Russian government. Although President Biden stated today that he doesn’t believe his words would have any impact on Putin’s actions, Lester?

HOLT: Okay, Kelly. We are grateful.

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