Nets Repeat Biden’s Lie Today’s Inflation Numbers Are ‘Out of Date’

Like the Democrat Party propagandists that they are, the three evening news networks came out swinging in defense of Joe Biden’s preposterous excuses for Wednesday’s disastrous inflation numbers which saw prices skyrocket 9.1 percent over the past year. 

Instead of correcting the President and informing their viewers, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening NewsPlease see the following: NBC Nightly NewsTo continue the tradition as official Democrat Party stenographers, they have decided to do so. 

Proving once again what a superficial and unserious network ABC is, anchor David Muir led Wednesday’s World News TonightThe storms that struck Maryland, Virginia, and Virginia were broadcast live. Which is irrelevant to anyone who doesn’t live in the area. 



After that, Muir went to the inflation story: “The consumer price index, 9.1 percent higher than a year ago. Record gas prices have driven this to a nearly 41-year record. The typical American household spent $493 more in June to buy the same goods and services than they did a year ago.” 

Muir then regurgitated Biden’s excuse that the inflation numbers that came out hours ago were “out of date”: “President Biden hearing the news as he arrived in Israel calling inflation, quote, unacceptably high. But also pointing to what he called quote out-of-date numbers because he says gas prices have been slowly coming back down for weeks.” 

Later on in the segment, correspondent Victor Oquendo got his turn to run interference for the Biden regime’s disastrous economic policies claiming “the Biden administration who have made tackling inflation a top priority — called today’s report unacceptably high, but also out of date.”

Continue reading CBS Evening News, correspondent Nancy Chen kicked off the Biden excuse tour for her network claiming “President Biden said in a statement that June’s inflation numbers were unacceptably high and were out of date given the recent drop in gas prices.”

In the meantime, NBC Nightly News, anchor Lester Holt kicked off his coverage of the inflation numbers by reporting “President Biden calling the numbers unacceptably high but also out of date, noting they do not fully reflect recent declines in gas prices.” 

All three networks refused to call out Biden for his excuses and failed to inform viewers that economists widely blame Biden’s reckless government spending for the nearly 41-year-high inflation American consumers are suffering through. 

The three networks’ stenography for the Biden administration was made possible by The Captial OneABC AngiCBS: Liberty MutualNBC. They are linked. 

To read the relevant transcripts of each segment click “expand”: 

ABC’s World News Tonight
July 13, 2022
Eastern, 6:34:47

DAVID MUIR – The consumer price index is 9.1 percent higher this year than it was a year earlier. This is the highest level in nearly 41 years, driven by record-breaking gas prices. In June, the average American household spent $493 less to buy goods and services than it did last year. As President Biden arrived in Israel, he heard the news and called inflation “unacceptably high.” However, he also pointed to the fact that he used quote old numbers as his argument for why gas prices are slowly falling over recent weeks. 


Eastern, 6:36:58 

VICTOR OQUENDO. The Biden administration, who has made combating inflation a top priority, called today’s Report unacceptably high and also “outdated.” 

CBS Evening News
July 13, 2022
Eastern at 6:34 p.m. 

NANCY CHEN: The President Biden declared that the June inflation figures were too high for our times and are out of date with recent gas price drops. In June, the average gasoline gallon cost was about $5. It’s almost 40 cents cheaper this week. Today’s numbers were higher than expected and the Federal Reserve expects to keep up its fight against inflation. However, we could still see a three-quarter point rise later in the month. But that also comes with risk.   

NBC Nightly News
July 13, 2022
Eastern at 7:02 p.m.

LESTER HOLTL: President Biden called the figures unacceptablely high and out-of-date, noting that they don’t reflect recent drops in gasoline prices. The Fed will still be weighing more rate rises. This is sure to cause concern for American borrowers. It could also tip the economy towards a recession.

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