Nets Panic Over ‘Extreme’ Pro-Life Laws, Nothing is Too Pro-Abortion

On Thursday evening and Friday morning, NBC, ABC, and CBS were in full panic mode over Oklahoma passing “the most restrictive abortion law in this country.” ABC’s Good Morning America went so far as to wail that there was “a race among the states to pass the most extreme law restricting abortion.” However, none of network coverage examined some of extreme pro-abortion laws in leftist states across the country.

After the network evening newscasts melted down over the new pro-life legislation in Oklahoma Thursday night, ABC’s Good Morning AmericaCecilia Vega was the fill-in guest. “Abortion rights fight. Oklahoma passes the most stringent law in the country. What it means for women with the Supreme Court possibly on the verge of overturning Roe vs. Wade.”



She repeated the same thing minutes later when she presented a complete report: “It is the most restrictive ban in the country and it comes as the Supreme Court could soon overturn Roe v. Wade.”Terry Moran (correspondent) followed this fearmongering with hysterics:

It is an opportune glimpse at the future of many American females. With the Supreme Court seemingly poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade, it’s looking more and more like a race among the states to pass the most extreme law restricting abortion. Oklahoma seems to be winning right now.

NBC’s TodayThe show offered no news on the topic but Hoda Koutb (co-host) still raised alarm. “The Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill yesterday that would ban nearly all abortions, making it the most restrictive law in the country.”

“Now to the fight over abortion and a new law passed in Oklahoma that is now the most restrictive abortion law in this country,”Gayle King was concerned about Gayle’s co-host CBS Mornings. The pro-abortion lobby gave her helpful tips: “Oklahoma’s one of 26 states that are certain or likely to ban abortion if the Supreme Court allows it. Now that’s according to a leading abortion rights group.”

King remarked to correspondent Jan Crawford: “And Jan, what does this new Oklahoma law say? Because either – depending on your point of view, you’re either very concerned or you’re cheering.” Crawford lamented: “Well, that’s the whole issue of abortion, right, it’s so divisive.”

The reporter then referred to the Oklahoma prolife law as “on the fringe”. “It will go further than the similar Texas law, which bans abortion as early as six week and gives private citizens the right to enforce it by suing abortion providers….So this latest legislation now, it goes even further. It says abortion is banned any time after fertilization.”

While the networks were eager to throw around words like “extreme” or phrases like “the most restrictive law in the country” when it came to regulating abortion in red states, the left-wing media never seem to show any concern for pro-abortion laws in blue states going too far.

Politifact was quick to defend Colorado’s radical new law that allowed abortions right up until the birth of the baby. The Washington Post spent it’s time exclusively denouncing “extreme” pro-life laws.

In the wake of the leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court was prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade, ABC’s Good Morning AmericaCalifornia was praised as an attractive destination for women who want to have abortions. Gavin Newsom, a Democratic Governor of California, promised to increase abortion funding in the Golden State.

Back in 2019, the networks went completely silent when then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an extreme pro-abortion law that significantly expanded the procedure and was roundly condemned by pro-life organizations and the Catholic Church – including New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

In addition to extreme pro-abortion agendas at the state level, pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List details the multiple ways in which the Biden administration is “the most pro-abortion administration ever.”

The media decry any law that seeks to regulate or curb abortion in any way but they never seem to find pro-abortion legislation they don’t like.

Old Navy brought panic over ABC’s pro-life laws to TV viewers. It was then brought to NBC viewers via Walmart and Cadillac to CBS viewers. It is possible to counter this by notifying these advertisers what your opinion are about them sponsoring this content.

Here is a full transcript of the May 20 report on ABC’s GMA:


CECILIA VEGA : The struggle for the right to abortion. Oklahoma passes the most stringent law in the country. This is what it means for women. The Supreme Court could overturn Roe Vs. Wade.


CECILIA VEGA: We’re gonna turn now to the battle over abortion rights. Oklahoma has passed an almost total ban on abortion, prohibiting it from conception through in all but the most extreme cases. This ban is among the strictest in the nation and comes at a time when the Supreme Court may soon uphold Roe v. Wade. Terry Moran, the latest is available outside of the Court. Terry, Good Morning.

Cecilia, it’s Terry Moran. For many American women, this is a glimpse of the future. With the Supreme Court seemingly poised to overturn Roe vs. Wade, it’s looking more and more like a race among the states to pass the most extreme law restricting abortion. Oklahoma seems to be winning right now.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Oklahoma Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban; Move Comes With Supreme Court Set to Rule on Roe v. Wade]

MORAN: This morning, there’s a new reality for women emerging in Oklahoma. The state legislature has passed the country’s most restrictive ban on abortion, relying on private citizens to enforce it.

EMILY WALES [INTERIM PRESIDENT & CEO, PLANNED PARENTHOOD GREAT PLAINS]Oklahoma’s abortion law will become illegal after the signature is received.

MORAN: This law prohibits abortion from the time of fertilization. It also applies in almost all other cases except for the protection of the mother’s life or cases of incest, rape and murder, provided that those cases are reported to the police.

ABC’s Rachel Scott, noting how often crimes of rape and incest go unreported by victims, pressed the bill’s author.

STATE REP. WENDI SEARMAN [R-OK]: This is a way to help the child and the unborn child. So I feel that we can accept the situation as it stands.

MORAN: Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has pledged to sign this bill into law. It would immediately take effect.

GOV. GOV. [R-OK]: Oklahoma should ban abortion.

MORAN: The law allows private citizens to sue any person who aids in abortion. There is a minimum $10,000 reward, similar to the Texas law.

The Constitution has guaranteed abortion rights for almost half a century. But the Supreme Court’s new conservative supermajority could make it a more fundamental right. Politico has obtained the leaked Supreme Court Draft opinion. According to it, five out of nine justices believe Roe Vs. Wade should be overturned and states can make their own abortion laws.

If the Oklahoma law becomes the standard, supporters of abortion rights including Kamala Harris, Vice President, foresee a new oppressive era.

KAMALA HARIRIS: It is a danger not only to women but also to all Americans.

MORAN: A Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roevs. Wade may be made as soon as next Wednesday, although it’s more likely to happen by the end June. If the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe vs. Wade then there will be at least 26 other states with laws that prohibit or restrict abortion. George?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS : Seismic effect. Terry, we are very grateful.

Here is a full transcript of the news brief on NBC’s Today:

7.31 am ET

HODA KOTB : Yesterday’s Oklahoma Legislature vote passed a bill banning nearly all abortions. This makes it one of the strictest laws in the United States.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Abortion Ban]

Republican Governor Kevin Stitt was expected to sign the measure. It would ban abortions following fertilization with very few exceptions. The bill will prohibit abortion providers from performing this procedure once the governor signs it.

The complete transcript is available here CBS Mornings:

7:06 AM ET

GAYLE KING: Let’s move on to the battle over abortion. Oklahoma has passed a law that makes abortion more difficult than ever. Oklahoma’s one of 26 states that are certain or likely to ban abortion if the Supreme Court allows it. This is according to an abortion rights organization.

Jan Crawford is our Supreme Court correspondent. What does the new Oklahoma law mean for Jan? Because either – depending on your point of view, you’re either very concerned or you’re cheering.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Oklahoma Passes Strict Abortion Law; Bill Would Be Nation’s Strictest, Banning Abortion After Conception]

JAN CRAWFORD: Well, that’s the whole issue of abortion, right, it’s so divisive. And this law, of course, would prohibit abortion at any point in pregnancy except to save a woman’s life or in the case of rape or incest. And they are only if it’s reported to law enforcement. This would go into effect as soon as Governor Kevin Stitt signs the bill, which he said he would do.

This law will be more stringent than similar Texas laws, which prohibit abortion at any time before six weeks and allows private citizens to sue abortion providers in order to enforce the ban. Now that Texas law is in effect while it’s being challenged in court and that has caused some Texas women to seek abortions in Oklahoma. Oklahoma however closed this door earlier this month, when it passed its own six week ban.

The latest legislation goes further. The law states that abortions are prohibited after fertilization. However, emergency contraception (the so-called morning after pill) would be protected. Now other states like Indiana and Nebraska, they’re considering similar laws. This is all in anticipation that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned by the Supreme Court this summer, allowing each state to decide its own policy on abortion. Nate?

NATE BURLESON, Jan: Thank you.

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