Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses in Tone-Deaf Display – Opinion

In this economic downturn, the Biden administration really is keeping an eye on it. While you watch your investments go up in flames as the stock market crashes, and inflation destroys your savings, Kamala Harris is out in the world, doing what’s important: Getting way too excited about electric buses.

The intrepid Vice President, who might as well be a character on “Veep,” gave us the low-down in a speech where she described how awesome it was to have buses with no exhaust. There’s a lot of competition this week, but I think we’ve found the most tone-deaf utterance by an administration official this week. There’s always Saturday, though.

Maybe it’s because I’m currently losing my shirt in the stock market (don’t worry, I’m not selling), but my patience for this kind of stuff has run out. We are back in the 1970s and the government is still acting like they don’t care about electric school buses, even though the country is entering a recessionary cycle.

As I’ve shared before, I’m not against electric vehicles, but I do think the rush to make them preeminent is completely short-sighted. Connecting our entire economy to the Chinese monopoly is a terrible national security move, because the United States will not be able to obtain the raw materials to manufacture the batteries. Furthermore, these buses require billions of federal dollars to be built. Shouldn’t they just be dominating the market, with local school districts rushing to purchase them with already existent funds?

That’s the thing with EVs. There will be a day when they are the most popular choice for vehicles, but that day isn’t today, mostly because the technology isn’t quite there. We shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer money to force it to happen, especially at the federal level. Is the vice-president making infomercials on electric buses? It’s dumb and a misuse of time.

Regardless, I’m not really here to bag on EVs as much as I am to point out the fact that Harris is a cartoon character of a vice president whose inauthenticity and condescending speaking style have now reached legendary status. The Dow Jones lost almost 5,000 points in the past month. Every day, gas prices hit new heights. Rising violent crimes continues to be an issue…and she’s talking about freaking electric buses.

These people don’t care about you. They live in a bubble so thick a nuclear bomb couldn’t penetrate it. They live in a bubble that is so thick they can’t be penetrated by a nuclear bomb. However, while you are suffering, they prosper with your money and make fun of it. They will be completely wiped out by November, which is the only thing I have to take as a consolation. That won’t bring my (or anyone’s) investments back anytime soon, though.

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