Nets BURY Story of Heroic National Guardsman Who Drowned Saving Migrants at Border

Last fall, the networks hyped the now-false claim that Border Agents attacked and “whipped” migrants at the border. But when a heroic National Guardsman drowned while attempting to rescue illegals in the Rio Grande river, CBS and NBC buried the story, allowing no coverage. ABC only allowed 20 seconds. 

After trying to rescue two migrants, Soldier Bishop E. Evans from Arlington, Texas was reported missing Friday. He was presumed dead for two days and his body was found on Monday. Here’s the only coverage (all 20 seconds) so far from Saturday’s Good Morning America

The search continues for members of the Texas Army National Guard. While patrolling Rio Grande, the soldier vanished. This was part of the state’s crackdown against illegal immigration, drug smuggling. According to witnesses, the soldier tried to rescue a crossing migrant into the U.S. by jumping into the water. However they did not see him return. 



They owe it to Evans that the Univision and Telemundo journalists covered his heroic story through multiple shows. This video montage was made possible by MRC Latino from both networks. 



Fox News covered the drowning all weekend as well: 



It was just last Thursday that CBS mocked Texas and the state’s National Guard troops for an “expensive political” stunt to secure the border. Regarding Operation Lone Star, reporter Lilia Luciano derided: 

The last two days were spent on the border, by air, land and water. We wanted to understand how Operation Lone Star operates and why Texas spends $3 billion per year on federal programs. Critics of Governor Greg Abbott call this a political stunt. 

The Monday deadline is Today show’s journalists couldn’t be bothered to cover the heroic National Guardsman, reporter Morgan Chesky at least noted the impending disaster of the Biden administration ending Title 42: 

This Trump Administration measure has stopped more than 1.7million attempts at crossing the southern border. Half of all migrants were expelled from the country in March. Republicans now believe that repealing Title 42 would lead to an even greater influx of immigrants into the United States. 

The networks ignoring the heroic National Guardsman who gave his life so that others may live was sponsored by Walmart on CBS Mornings, by Geico on ABC’s Good Morning America and by Lincoln on NBC. 

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