NBC Hits Disgraced Jeff Zucker for Hiring Trump, Forgets Zucker Also Hired Lauer

On Thursday, NBC discovered that the most scandalous thing about ex-Today show producer Jeff Zucker did, now that he’s resigned from CNN after a sex scandal: Zucker hired Donald Trump back in the ‘90s.

It was not mentioned by the media that Zucker secured the career success and fame of Matt Lauer (an alleged sex abuser). Today show. Meanwhile, CBS’s Gayle King was “confused” about what the fuss is over Zucker. 

Zucker left CNN on Wednesday as a casualty in disgraced Chris Cuomo’s war against his former network. It was announced that that Zucker had been hiding a “consensual relationship with a vice president, Allison Gollust. However, on NBC’s Act NowEmilie Ikeda exposed the true scandal. 



Prior to CNN, the couple [Zucker and Gollust]Starting their career and moving up the ladder at NBC.As executive producer, Zucker will be the CEO of The TodayShow and President of NBC Universal. The head of NBC when Donald Trump was hired as host The Apprentice. The relationship later souring as the former President’s relationships with the Press and CNN turned contentious.

As Fox News pointed out in 2019, Zucker was also “Executive producer TodayWhen Lauer was first hired by the company in 1994.” But that point never came up on Thursday’s Today. (Unsurprisingly, the network erased Lauer from the show’s 70th anniversary celebration in January.) What is the best thing about Zucker? His connection with Trump? 

More than one CBS Mornings, co-host Gayle King didn’t see what the big deal was over President Zucker and Vice President Gollust hiding a secret relationship, one that the fired-Chris Cuomo may have taken revenge over. 

TONY DOKOUPIL. Workplaces used be where people met. The times have changed. 

NATE BURLESON : No. Many thanks. 

GAYLE KING: It’s still a mystery to me if they are consenting adults. However, we are moving ahead. It’s a hot mess. 

King’s reaction isn’t surprising. Her work was with Charlie Rose, a disgraced man who is accused of sexual harassment and abuse committed by 27 women. April 3, 2018, 2:00 p.m., after the scandal was exposed, King whined on-air about having to cover it: “I don’t know what to say about this…. We can’t do anything more for Charlie Rose, except to publicly flogging him. He’s gone…. I’m sick of handling it.” 

After some blowback she decided to retreat. May 4, 2018., saying of the Rose inquiry: “Let the chips fall where they may.” CBS also Promoted a conspiracy theory for 2018 as for the reason behind the sexual harassment allegations against then-CEO Les Moonves.

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Here are some partial transcripts. Click “expand” to read more. 

CBS Mornings
7:16.12 to 7:18.58 

TONY DOKOUPIL – CNN is facing major changes today, a day after Jeff Zucker, its president announced that he was resigning. Zucker claims he violated company policy when he failed to reveal a consensual relationship he had with his long-time colleague and one of the top aides at the company. The issue was raised during an investigation into former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. 

JERICKA Duncan: CNN’s bombshell announcement was made this way. 

BRIANNA KEILAR : News is now available about our network. CNN President Jeff Zucker resigned today after revealing a consensual relationship he had with a colleague. 

DUNCAN: Jeff Zucker confessed Wednesday to breaking CNN’s policy by failing to disclose a consensual relationship he had with Allison Gollust. Gollust serves as CNN’s vice president and chief market officer. Zucker made a statement acknowledging the relationship and said, “I was supposed to tell it started, but I did not. “I was mistaken.” Allison Gollust was his close colleague, he said. They worked together for over 20 years. 


DUNCAN: Jeanne Christensen is an employment discrimination specialist. Many will think this is a strange statement. Two consenting adults are in management roles at high levels. 

CHRISTENSEN: The big deal is that —  not that they’re two consenting adults. CNN’s policy requires that you disclose that you are involved in any such relationship. 

DUNCAN. Zucker’s exit from CNN follows the firing of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo two months ago. Cuomo was dismissed for his advice to Andrew Cuomo (ex-Gov. of New York) on handling sexual misconduct claims. As part of the CNN Chris Cuomo probe, Zucker was asked to discuss his relationship with Gollust. 

BRIAN STALTER: It is a cascading effect. This starts with Andrew Cuomo falling to the governor’s desk, Chris Cuomo being fired by CNN, and finally Jeff Zucker getting laid off. 

DUNCAN For now, she says that she will continue at CNN. Christiansen explained to me that two persons in high-ranking positions or the same department are unlikely to stay together, even though they have disclosed a consensual relation. This is part of the problem, but it also explains why some people prefer keeping it secret. 

DOKOUPIL: Yeah. There was a time when work places were the best place to make friends. The times have changed. 

NATE BURLESON : No. Many thanks. 

GAYLE KING: If they are both consenting adults, I am still confused. However, we are moving ahead. It’s a hot mess. 



EMILIE IKEDA – Before CNN, both of them started their careers at NBC and climbed the ranks. When NBC appointed Donald Trump as host of Apprentice, Zucker became executive producer on Today. The relationship later souring as the former President’s relationships with the Press and CNN turned contentious. 

IKEDA – Gollust was a senior executive with the NBC Communications department. She also briefly worked for former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in 2012, but jumped to CNN shortly after Zucker took the reins. 

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