National Scholars Association Outlines a Plan to Ban and Defund ‘DEI’ in Public Education – Opinion

The National Association of Scholars has a bold idea, and some might see it as a turn toward…scholarship.

President Peter Wood has penned a paper titled “Regime Change: Repelling the DEI Assault on Higher Education.”

NAS believes “diversity, equity and inclusion” deserves an “F” and should be expelled from school.

DEI’s criticism of America for “inequitable treatment” of minorities, Peter writes, often “veers into simplistic claims and fictions presented as fact.” But “esteemed historians” as well as “parents of all races” oppose classroom messages that frame the country as “fundamentally racist.”

The author outlines DEI’s posed “peril”:

  • Discrimination and conflict between ethnic groups:DEI refers to incitement towards racial hatred, predominantly of blacks against the whites and, at another level, of whites against darks.
  • Opportunism in politics: DEI…is aimed at recruiting students through emotional manipulation into durable loyalty to progressive political ideologies.
  • Cultural impoverishment:DEI inflicts an abrasive hostility on Western traditions and romanticizes them.
  • Historical amnesia DEI…sets forth grossly inaccurate accounts of the American past as if they were true, and it provides students with no basis to recognize that there are other accounts better grounded in the facts.
  • Incompetence in professional work: Because it lowers academic standards and diverts attention from…facts, DEI leaves graduates with an inferior education.
  • International competitiveness Other nations are not handicapping generations of students by providing them with inferior DEI-inflected educations…
  • Negative orientationDEI prioritises race in all settings and subordinates any other principled considerations.

NAS opposes racial preferences and the “rising tide” of “anti-intellectual authoritarianism in American colleges and universities.” For such scourges, the classroom is one “insertion point.” But more potent are — among others — pronouncements of systemic racism from high-ranking school officials, mission statements composed in DEI language, institutional “diversity action plans,” diversity scrutiny/reviews of faculty, and woke tenure requirements.

Another biggie: DEI “redefinitions.”

Academic qualifications…are redefined to include “lived experience.” Evidence is redefined to include “trauma-informed” opinions. … The definition of academic “success” in every discipline is redefined to include mastery of the contributions of [minorities]Even if these were historically low, they are still important.

Three Constitutional amendments are allegedly violated by the National Association of Scholars according to The National Association of Scholars

  • First AmendmentCoerced or prohibited speech
  • Fourth AmendmentThrough intrusion in matters of personal conviction
  • Fourteenth AmendmentBy racially-discriminatory rules that are in violation of the Equal Protection Clause


There is no reason why legislatures could not responsibly exercise their existing powers to end the un-Constitutional and illegal actions colleges and universities have put in place to advance “antiracism.”

Peter’s recipe for success:

  • Ban mandatory DEI training
  • All forms of DEI Evaluation are to be banned
  • Require transparency
  • Promote vocational schools, and post-secondary education
  • Stop funding institutions refusing to make changes

The paper calls for established “vigilance” and a “counter-bureaucracy.”

It is necessary to confront the DEI bureaucracy with an equally informed and determined group of individuals who oppose its goals. The counter-bureaucracy must enforce these policies and take any actions necessary to restore academic freedom and free speech in institutions that have been compromised.

DEI appears to have entered the core of education. It’s surely hard for modern-day students to imagine that, relatively few years ago, no such thing existed. The public ed apparatus has been overwhelmed by identity-group-focused social-justice bureaucracies, overseeing classrooms that inculcate that same emphasis. Is this a positive change for the future? If not, what’s more feasible: a return to old-school education, or an abandonment of the government school system?

In any event, the National Association of Scholars has big ideas.

Higher education, the article asserts, can form “young men and women into responsible adults prepared to participate fully in our free and self-governing society.”


Antiracist mania that is rampant in academia does the exact opposite. This teaches students how to live with fear, resentment and recrimination in an elite society. These developments must be stopped now by our elected leaders before they cause irreparable harm to so-called Antiracism.



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