Corrupt Networks Refuse to Say the Name of Radical Pro-Abortion Terrorists ‘Jane’s Revenge’

The country has seen a surge of anti-abortion violence in the last 2 months. This includes firebombing pro-life organisations, the intimidation of people, and the destruction of properties.  But you wouldn’t know the perpetrator if you watched ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC. They refuse to say the name of the group responsible: Jane’s Revenge. The shocking thing is that only the liberal CNN has been able to identify and name the people responsible. 

The terrorist group has taken credit for arson, firebombings and other violent acts. The terrorists are now endangering physical injury or even death, and they do so with very little subtlety. In addition to not saying the group’s name, the little coverage of the actual attacks resulted in a matter-of-fact, no-outrage tone. 

Jane’s Revenge has taken credit for scores of attacks against pro-lifers and on June 15, released this terrifying threatPro-life Americans 

We gave an honorable alternative. We could have let you go. You can now walk away. We will continue to make your campaign for oppression as difficult as we can. In the last month, we have shown how simple and enjoyable it can be to attack. We’re flexible, we can be mercurial and we don’t answer to anyone but ourselves. We pledged to be more aggressive in our fight against oppressive infrastructures.
Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti…. it’s open season, and we know where your operations are. …. The infrastructure built by the enslavers cannot be saved. We can find courage and joy by attacking these brutal institutions, which leaves them without any hope of survival.

Here’s a video detailing just some of the violence against pro-life organizations in recent weeks: 

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While the network morning and evening shows won’t say the words “Jane’s Revenge,” they have offered a tiny bit of coverage on some of the attacks. CBS permitted 18 seconds and 9 seconds respectively on May 8. ABC allowed 20 seconds May 8 and 9. NBC managed to manage 39 seconds between May 8th and 9th. For the networks, that 77 seconds is it. 

Here’s a flavor of the unalarmed coverage. The May 8 World News Tonight, ABC’s Linsey Davis reported, “Tonight, police in Madison, Wisconsin, say a fire at the headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was targeted arson.” On the same day’s CBS Weekend News, Elise Preston noted, “In Wisconsin today, firefighters confirmed that headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was a target of arson.” 

The May 8th NBC Nightly News, Ali Vitali at least managed to explain the threat left by the terrorists: “In Madison, Wisconsin, police say a Molotov cocktail thrown into the headquarters of an anti-abortion group, vandalized with a warning spray painted on a wall: ‘If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.’”  

MSNBC also reported the May 8 Wisconsin Bombing for 153 second on May 9th. But no mention of Jane’s Revenge. 

Shockingly, it was liberal CNN that actually managed to at least say the words “Jane’s Revenge.” On May 9 and 10 and June 10, the network covered attacks. These 327 seconds were spent covering terror attacks. This was on the 10th of June Anderson Cooper 360The name actually was uttered out loud. Randi Kaye interviewed Jim Hardin who is the CEO at CompassCare. 

Touring the burned remains of his organization, Hardin asserted, “You’ll see a sign over here with graffiti saying ‘Jane was here.’ That represents Jane’s Revenge. It’s an abortion terrorist group.”Although CNN remains CNN, Kaye was oblivious to this fact, as shown in the following exchange. 

RANDI KAYE: What makes you think it was this group Jane’s Revenge that attacked your facility? 

JIM HARDIN: They left their signature calling card, number one, with their spray painted message on the side of our buildings saying, “Jane was here.” 

Even, she questioned the existence of the company. 

Who exactly is Jane’s Revenge is still unclear. The group, if they’re a groupAt all, they remain anonymous. They’ve allegedly taken responsibility for a similar attack last month on a conservative organization that lobbies against abortion in Madison, Wisconsin.

CNN is still to be commended for naming this terrorist group. It’s more than ABC, CBS and MSNBC have done. NewsBusters reached out to the other four networks to request an answer for their refusal to directly mention Jane’s Revenge. We’ve yet to hear back. 

A potentially significant decision by the United States Supreme Court could be released any day. It may overturn Roe Vs. Wade. The terrorists at Jane’s Revenge must be taken at their word. They will plan further attacks and escalate violence.

Journalists: Keep doing your job. This threat must be addressed immediately to prevent someone being killed. 


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