Nashville Lunacy: Free Milkshakes for Proof of Vasectomy

If abortion enthusiasts can’t kill babies in the womb, they’ll encourage people to stop them from being made in the first place. In Nashville, Daddy’s Dogs restaurant is giving out free milkshakes to customers that show proof of a vasectomy, as according to The Tennessean, and made the rounds on Twitter just recently.

Daddy’s Dogs (yes, that’s the real name), a hot dog restaurant in Nashville, wanted to voice its support for abortion, as owner Sean Porter made this Instagram post June 29 urging people to come claim their free sugery drink for the low price of sterlizing yourself, calling it his “snip for shake” deal. Both clever and disturbing. If anything symbolizes American consumerism, it’s this degenerate, antinatalist scheme.

Recently the post made its way to TwitterThis sparked both condemnation and conversation. The owner said to The Tennessean, “The world’s a pretty crazy place right now, but I have a way to make it just a little bit better.”

Tell me, please, how does sterilizing oneself make the world a better environment? This is a perversion of morals.

One commenter on the Instagram post said that Porter was, “out here doing the Lord’s work.” That is quite literally the opposite of the Lord’s work, but people who sterilize themselves in the name of abortion probably don’t care for the Lord.

Tennessee will ban abortion in Tennessee after six weeks. It will also protect the unborn. But that won’t stop deranged leftist half-men from getting vasectomies, and Daddy’s Dogs from rewarding their service to the Moloch cause with a milkshake. 

It’s a wonderful time to live.



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