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Nancy Pelosi Accuses Attorney General William Barr of Committing a ‘Crime’

“That’s a crime.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Thursday Attorney General William Barr of committing a “crime” by lying to Congress during a House Appropriations Committee hearing last month.

“The attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That’s a crime,” Pelosi told reporters during her weekly press conference.

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The veteran lawmaker dodged when pressed on whether Barr should go to jail, saying he “lied to Congress” and “if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime.”

According to CNN, Pelosi also said she lost sleep after seeing Barr testify Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the subject of his handling of the Mueller report’s release. Barr refused to show up for his second congressional testimony, leaving an empty chair which Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., filled with a glass chicken.

Cohen also ate a bucket of KFC fried chicken in an apparent attempt to mock the attorney general.


Last month, Barr responded to a question from Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., by saying that he was not aware of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team having any issues with his four-page summary of the Mueller report.

This week, The New York Times reported that Mueller sent Barr a letter expressing misgivings about Barr’s summary of Russia investigation’s findings.

Two sources present during a private caucus meeting told Politico that Pelosi claimed Barr committed a crime when he answered Crist’s question in April.

A Justice Department spokeswoman told CNN that Pelosi’s accusation was “reckless, irresponsible and false.”

Barr, who has repeatedly declared that the Russia investigation found President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russian government, has been under fire from Democrats for his handling of the release of the Mueller report.

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