Hillary Makes Unhinged Appearance on MSNBC — Begs China to Help Dems Stop Trump

“China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?”

Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” Wednesday and beseeched China to help the Democrats take down President Donald Trump.

The failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate complained that Trump had gotten away with asking Russia to find her missing emails during the campaign. She warned that the Kremlin’s success in meddling in the election could allow more of the same ahead of the 2020 election – and then she made her appeal to Beijing.

“Imagine, Rachel, that you had one of the Democratic nominees for 2020 on your show, and that person said the only other adversary of ours who’s anywhere near as good as the Russians is China. So why should Russia have all the fun?” she said. “And since Russia is clearly backing Republicans, why don’t we ask China to back us? And not only that, China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns? I’m sure our media would richly reward you.”

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Maddow played along, saying: “I hereby ask China …”

Clinton went on to describe a scenario in which China hacked the Internal Revenue Service and released Trump’s taxes, just as Russia hacked her office within hours of Trump’s request at a July 2016 press conference.

“According to the Mueller report, that is not conspiracy because it’s done right out in the open,” she noted bitterly.

Clinton passed off her comments as a kind of desperate joke. But she did not acknowledge that was similar to the way Trump explained his suggestion that Russia dig up the emails that were inexplicably deleted from her private server.

The president told Special Counsel Robert Mueller that he had been speaking “in jest and sarcastically, as was apparent to any objective observer.”


Mueller in March announced that he had not found evidence to prove that Trump colluded with Russia, and on the basis of the report, Attorney General William Barr concluded that the president also did not obstruct justice.

Clinton is not the only Democrat struggling to accept that Trump did not commit a crime. Earlier Wednesday, senators interrogated the attorney general in a Judiciary Committee hearing that failed to yield significant new information.

Barr reiterated that he is looking into how the Trump investigation was conducted, and endorsed a promised Republican probe into why Clinton was not charged after mishandling classified emails as Secretary of State.

A number of Democrats, including presidential candidates, subsequently called for Barr’s resignation – a demand that Clinton told Maddow she supported.

“Calling for his resignation makes perfect sense because he’s not discharging the duties of the office,” she said. “He’s not going to resign, and at this point, I think that we know what we need to know about him.”

Clinton also faulted Senate Republicans for not taking action in response to Russia’s actions. She said that voting machines could have been hacked in 2016 and that the 2020 election could be rigged.

“I don’t mean it to scare anybody, but I do want every candidate to understand that this remains a threat,” she said. “That [the election] wasn’t on the level. It wasn’t on the level in 2016, it could be once again not on the level.”

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