Man Who Got Mueller Tattooed on His Body Defiant in Wake of No Collusion Finding

“I’ve had to talk a couple people off the ledge.”

On the heels of news Sunday that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller cleared President Donald Trump and his associates of colluding with Russia, a calamitous development for liberals who pinned their hopes of taking down Trump on Mueller, a Boston-based liberal who had Mueller’s face tattooed on his back denied he regretted getting the body art.

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Political comedy podcast host Brad Chadford responded to the mockery of critics during a Saturday livestream. Chadford dismissed the notion that, in light of the recent news, he should be humiliated by the giant visage of Mueller covering a substantial portion of his upper back.

The ardently liberal YouTube personality suggested that “MAGA” hat wearing-conservatives were the ones who should be embarrassed. Chadford told viewers that he’s not the type to be shamed by public ribbing and accused celebratory Trump supporters of jumping the gun considering Mueller’s report had yet to be released.

“You don’t know what’s in the report,” he said.

Bradford isn’t the only liberal with a Mueller tattoo being forced to grapple with the disillusionment of the Russia investigation’s findings.

A recent New York Times piece chronicled the reckoning facing liberals who pedestalized Mueller as anti-Trump savior and champion of the republic. The Times spoke to one woman who had Mueller’s silhouette tattooed on her arm. The host of a podcast for Russia-obsessed “Muellerites” said the community is in a collective state of shock.

“I’ve had to talk a couple people off the ledge,” she revealed.

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For those liberals and activists who held Mueller up as the fulfillment of their anti-Trump fever dreams, it’s hard to ignore the sense of quiet desperation. “It is definitely embarrassing,” a 45-year-old Mueller aficionado told The Times. “It’s a drag knowing there are people out there who are gloating.”

A woman who runs a pro-Mueller Facebook page, which says “All hail Robert Mueller — through his work we shall be delivered from this ignorance and evil we suffer” in its “About” description, told The Times that she is “very disappointed” at present.

In a four-page letter released Sunday, Attorney General William Barr summarized the special counsel’s findings. “The Special Counsel’s investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” said the summary.

The letter to lawmakers also said that the nearly two-year Justice Department probe did not prove Trump illegally obstructed justice, though it said Mueller’s team stopped short of exonerating Trump.

Republicans celebrated the news as a vindication of the president and a condemnation of what they characterized as a politically motivated campaign by Democrats aided by a biased media system.


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