Glenn Greenwald Tells Tucker Carlson CNN and MSNBC Are Basically ‘State TV’

“So if you turned on CNN or MSNBC, it was basically state TV.”

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, anti-establishment progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald excoriated major media outlets, particularly MSNBC and CNN, for how they covered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump.

Greenwald’s remarks came following an announcement Sunday that Mueller had found no good evidence that Trump or his associates conspired or coordinated with the Kremlin.

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The Intercept founder told host Tucker Carlson that MSNBC “should have their top hosts on primetime go before the cameras and hang their head in shame and apologize for lying to people for three straight years, exploiting their fears to great profit.”

“These are people who were on the verge of losing their jobs. That whole network was about to collapse,” he said. “This whole scam saved them. And not only did they constantly feed people for three straight years total disinformation, they did it on purpose, Tucker.”

Greenwald criticized cable news networks for hiring retired intelligence community officials such as former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan, saying their actions had “completely corrupted journalism.”


Telling Carlson that the “debacle over WMDs in the Iraq War” had shown the imprudence of trusting intelligence agencies’ assertions about evidence, Greenwald compared CNN and MSNBC to “state TV” and “CIA TV.”

“Not only did MSBNC and CNN use those people as their sources, they hired them as their news analysts. So if you turned on CNN or MSNBC, it was basically state TV,” he said.

“They turned themselves into the spokespeople of the people they were supposed to be investigating and scrutinizing, which is the intelligence community and the military officials who now are their colleagues, who now report the news,” Greenwald added.

“You have government officials who spent their whole careers in the Pentagon and in the CIA. They’re disinformation agents who now work at CNN and MSNBC shaping what their news is and that’s why these channels turned into disinformation campaigns,” he said.

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