MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Fantasizes Trump Being Arrested ‘Cops’-style

Tiffany Cross is a victim of a frequent fantasy. It is her dream to see Donald Trump be arrested in the manner of the movie. Cops Show on TV.

Cross fantasized about Trump in 2020. 

“Dragged out onto the White House lawn as a 1980s episode’ of ‘Cops”



Cross crank up your her Cops Again Saturday morning, dream machine. Here is her vision of the dream machine.

You play the music for the TV series Cops and you march the guy out.Put him in a car with a cop and place his head on the dashboard.What about everything else? Believe me, it’ll be a ratings bonanza.”

You can see Cross’s fantasies in the screencap. She even demonstrated the Cops approved technique where Trump would have his head pushed back as he was being loaded into a police car. 

Elie Mystal, regular show guest The Nation Cross was told by Cross that Merrick Garland is the only person capable of fulfilling her fantasies as Biden attorney general. But Mystal was pessimistic about Trump & Co. being sent to the slammer:

Merrick Garland, the sole individualThat can do all the necessary things Trump, his cronies, and his family should be put behind bars, We haven’t heard much from him up to now.” 

Cross, who also spoke of fantasies, claimed:

“Our viewers especially, those in the UK and Europe are our most important customers.” Cross Connection viewers are more curious than people who watch Fox News.

Cross Connection might not be able to ask Cross Connection viewers for their SAT scores.

On her MSNBC show, Tiffany Cross once again fantasizing about Donald Trump being arrested Cops-style was sponsored in part by Progressive and Intel.

The transcript is here.

MSNBC’s Cross Connection
10:04 am ET

TIFFANY CROSS: Listen, so the January 6th committee, we remember a few months ago, they came out and said we’re going to host  these prime-time hearings. It was really an effort to present the American people. 

Elie, your thoughts? Since I believe the American people fully understand what transpired. This man existed four years before the American people, with over 75 millions of them still voting for him. Is it possible that the impact of these open-ended public hearings, where everyone has the opportunity to hear what is being said every day by the committee will be significant?That is, both in court or public opinion and, most importantly, in court of legal? 

ELIE MYSTAL – It all depends on who it is covered. Although I don’t want to direct my anger at the mainstream media, it is where it’s at. This network covered the hearings last night. They voted to discredit two people. . . It would make a difference if networks were to cover hearings the way I feel they are due. But unfortunately,It is unlikely that anyone will cover it.People are going to do what the American media says. The American media has moved away from the story. It is difficult to recapture American citizens’ attention. 

. . . 

CROSS : However, I do think that you are right. MSNBC covered it. However, I believe our viewers, especially those who are from MSNBC, enjoyed it. Cross Connection viewers are more curious than Fox News viewers., let’s say. Your thoughts as both a lawyer, and an entrepreneur, I am curious. New York TimesBest-selling author. My friend. Will Trump ever have to answer for his actions? 

It’s my belief that people will tune in to see that. Play the music for Cops. Then, march the guy out and place him in the back seat of a cop car. Hold his head and all. Believe me, it’ll be an ratings hit.Is that possible? 

. . . 

MYSTAL: It is at the end of each day. Merrick Garland, the only person who is capable of doing the necessary things to place Trump’s cronies behind bars along with his family in prison, has been very quiet. 

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