CNN: LGBTQ Are Culture War Victims, Parent’s Rights Like Segregation

On Sunday’s Trustworthy Sources, host Brian Stelter opened his show with a bizarre segment complaining about Florida’s anti-child grooming “Parental Rights in Education” law, and defending Disney’s self-destructive turn towards wokeness and in support of sexually indoctrinating their young audience. 

The chyron at the bottom of your screen, which ran in crazy fonts, was just as insane. “LGBTQ Community Latest To Be Caught In Culture War” as if the “LGBTQ community” wasn’t the one who started this whole controversy in the first place, as our Tim Graham prudently pointed out

Stelter has demonized his own nation when he claimed the country. there is an ugly history in the United States of portraying gays, lesbians, transgender people as perverts, as predators who are preying on children” As a reference to Fox News’s favorite Disney target: “when I see some of the coverage in the last week, seems to me they are just repeating an ugly history.” 



Transgender activist Charlotte Clymer bemoaned how “exasperating” it was for him to watch “LGBTQ families be framed as predatory or as divisive.” 

Clymer who obviously never read the Florida law in question wailed that it’s heartbreaking to watch families who “already struggle to get by day to day in the public square and now have their own government going after them just for existing.” 

When asked by Stelter what he would say about how conservatives frame the law as “just about parents’ rights” Clymer continued to play the victim while failing to grasp the purpose of the Florida law arguing that “it says to the parents of Florida that we can’t talk about LGBTQ families without talking about sex. And it is this very strange need by Governor DeSantis and the Republican Party of Florida to I would say sexualize LGBTQ families in a way that you would never see done to non-LGBTQ families.”   

Stelter then turned to Natasha Alford of the Grio for her take and it was even more deranged than Stelter or Clymer’s. In the beginning, she said that the argument for the law was framing. “very smart and it’s strategic because most parents will say, yeah, I guess that makes sense, it seems pretty common sense that we wouldn’t be talking about sex or sexual orientation.”

She then whined that “the thing about parental rights framing is that this is not the first time we’ve seen this in American history.” Alford continued: 

When you put parental rights against critical race theory, people will be offended. You can think back to segregation. One parental right argument was that integration and having children in schools based upon race would be detrimental to their intimacy and relationships. You will find a lot more people that don’t get the larger picture and are afraid to confront it.

CNN is known for its wacky commentary. 

CNN’s defense of the sexual grooming and lies about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education laws was possible thanks to Fidelity. These links link to their information. 

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CNN’s Reliable Sources
Eastern at 11:05 a.m.

BRIAN STELTER – The United States has a long history of portraying transgenders and gays as perverts. They have also been accused of being predators that prey on children. It seems like they’re repeating an awful past when some of their coverage from the last week is revealing. 

CHARLOTTE CLIMMER: Hello Brian. Yes, it is frustrating to watch this all happen. It’s hard to believe it’s already 2022, and LGBTQ families are still being portrayed as predatory, divisive, or almost perverted. That seems to be what Governor DeSantis is sending to the millions of LGBTQ families. This is heartbreaking because families are already struggling to make ends meet in public spaces and have now been subject to the government’s ire just for being there. 

STELTER – But if you look at the framing to the right, it’s just about parents rights. What’s the problem? Is that right? 

CLYMER : To the parents in Florida, it is insulting. This tells the Florida parents that it is unacceptable to discuss LGBTQ families and not include sex. This strange need of Governor DeSantis of Florida and the Republican Party of Florida is what I think makes it so they sexualize LGBTQ family in a manner that would not be done to non-LGBTQ parents. Many of my friends are LGBTQ parents, or the parents of LGBTQ children. They are horrified and frustrated by this current situation. This is really sad. 

STELTER – Natasha do you consider this rhetorically, or a more effective way to communicate your point? While I do not intend to discuss all this politics-only, I think Fox knows what it is doing. This is something that’s very compelling and scary to their audience. 

NATASHA ALFORD : Brian, that’s great framing. It’s a testament to a parent’s rights to have an influence on their child. Parents are deeply concerned about the well-being of their children. As a parent I can understand it. This subset, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, makes it very clever and strategically. Parents will be able to say that while it may make sense and seem commonsensical that we shouldn’t be discussing sex and sexual orientation, however, this bill conceals its true purpose. 

When you put parental rights against critical race theory, people will be offended. You can think back to segregation. One parental right argument was that integration and sending our children to schools on the basis of race would be detrimental. This could have led to a new level in intimacy or relationships. If you look at this personal aspect, there will be a lot people who don’t get the larger picture and chilling effect of what this bill actually is. When you say there could be consequences for even touching this issue people are more likely to not want to touch the issue at all which marginalizes groups, which takes a family that maybe has two mothers or two fathers and you say, all right, I can’t read that book or we can’t have that conversation in class because I don’t want to be penalized as a teacher. There’s a little bit more to the bill than just parents’ rights and I think that’s what we have to remember.

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